My Actifit Report Card: December 3 2022

in Actifit2 months ago (edited)

after checking the forcast making sure the rain's not serious, we went out and walked along our alley to its end, reaching the jungle where we'd crossed last week on our bikes..

It was a cloudy cold day but full of natural warm energy which could grasp just with breath & tempering with the scent of the real Earth & Nature..

The road become dead-end here but so alive.. even more when Autumn's coloring leaves

It needs few more steps up to the jungle

@sabajfa s behind me taking picture or diving deep in to taughts & her fabulous mind

Hugging each other & olden trees.. Stretching.. Eating sandwich as lunch.. enjoying the moment

And walking back in better mood

Feeling blessed and thankfull of Life

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Looks like you guys had a good time together hiking, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! Congratulations on a very healthy 11 K @actifit steps today that you both got very nice! Have a wonderful week!

Thanx alot. Nice week for u too ☀️

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