My Actifit Report Card: June 14 2024 - Diet To LIVE To 200!

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Today I found a short video from Bryan Johnson on his YouTube channel that talks about what to eat to live to 200 or more. Bryan's company bought Venmo then a few years later he sold his company for 800 Million Dollars! He is using some of that cash to figure out how to help us all live very long very healthy lives.

Bryan has a blueprint plan that he talks about in this video. You'll be eating a bit of broccoli cauliflower lentils garlic ginger olive oil carrots avocado beets berries and nuts daily. Sounds good to me. I can do that. I eat some of it already and I can add the rest little by little.

Sounds tasty and healthy to you?

My Activity

today was water volleyball! Yayyyy! 😃👍❤️

I have been waiting for wvb to start up again since it ended last September. Finally we're playing. Should be a twice a week thing.

Today we had about a dozen people which is perfect since the ideal teams are 4 on 4 so most people can play and not have to wait. I played every game that was played today! We played for 4 or 5 hours and I was sore when I got home, not gonna lie! Tylenol and some Fiji water with salt fixed me right up!

Looking forward to many many more fun wvb games!

Happy weekend! :)

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cool! i like his stack and mix, vs. the 1000 pills a day.. (but did u notice the size of those pills?!)

and btw, my plan/goals/idol is to be this guy when i grow up..

here's a RECENT pic of this 60 yr old man.. Donnie Yen..


Mr. Yen is a fine looking man who seems to keep himself in good shape. A good mentor to emulate I think!


We actually need to start to eat more real food and start the processed one, i'm already starting to doing that by cutting rice and flours, sugar is a little more complicated to cut hahaha

and of course i keep doing excercise every 48 hours!

Bryan wants everyone to live long and well😁😁
Thanks for sharing

food can and will help, but ecology will not, thank you for sharing the report, have a nice day and have a great weekend

I really think everyone wants to be desired to live long

I still even doubt that in our generation, we can still find people that will live over 100