My Actifit Report Card: June 15 2024 - Can You HOLD?

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Will you HODL? Can you HODL?

Not everyone has the patience or the financial situation to HOLD your good tokens. But delayed gratification has its rewards. Many people jump from one token to another if what they bought hasn't 10X'ed in 2 weeks. All that jumping around could drain you quickly.

Find something you think is Good, or at least fun and interesting, and HODL ON TO IT!

CryptoCoffee369 has been making YouTube content nearly every day for tears. Today he made this Short about holding a token for a long time if it meets certain criteria.

  1. Good Founder. Hive was founded by Dan Larimer who founded Bitshares before Hive and EOS after Hive.

  2. Good Utility. Hive let's you engage in social media with the possibility of earning the Hive token while you learn about crypto and people all over the world.

  3. Good Narrative. Hive is decentralized and anyone can make an account and write to the blockchain with no fee. Our HBD algorithmic stablecoin IS stable and yields 20% interest. We survived a hostile takeover.

  4. Good Community. We've been here for 8 years. I know the community because I have been here almost daily for all of these 8 years. We have a lot of cool people and you can find your niche and find new friends.

CryptoCoffee likes PulseChain and I have knowledge of it too. But my post here is about Hive. I feel good about Hive. I feel that it will be here for many years to come.

My Activity

today was some moving around while programming #PEPE Game. We have cards and packs generated, and GMs (Game Managers) are testing the purchase of Packs, Opening Packs and Viewing Cards to see what they got. There's a bit more to do, but it's mostly the same stuff I already did twice before at @metarobots and in a special section of metarobots where there has been a working version of the PEPE Game for many months which is enjoyed by our small group of testers.

Then I went food shopping and bought some water and high protein low sugar snacks, among other things.

Finally I took a walk. It is too hot and humid to go far so it was a shorter walk. There were a lot of clouds out so I didn't see the moon.

I hope your weekend was good. Have a nice Monday! :)

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The best way to hold is to keep holding as much as possible

💪😎✌️👊🕺👯 yup.. good thing i am here for the party and all the other stuff is just fun details and extra gravy! :)

ps. is the new PEPE game exactly like the one on metabots or is it something i will have to add maybe?

Everything about Hive is just so good. I’d keep on Holding until it gets to an amazing price!

interesting video, thanks for sharing the report, have a nice day and a great week

i know i will hold mine, that's for sure even if it not easy i believe in the power of hive to change people's life

No doubt it can be really really tough holding onto tokens when prices drop, but I see the value in sticking with projects like Hive for the long run. Infact the funny this is while dipping is happening that's when I'm even powering up like crazy.. I'm definitely a HODLER hehehe.. happy to be friends with you 💯

Most of the time I find it hard to hold most especially when the price is bleeding