My Actifit Report Card: June 17 2024 - AI MUSIC

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Today I was suggested this video by YouTube about AI Music. It's from an older guy named Rick Beato who I think I've watched before but I'm not sure.

In this video titled, I Told You This Was Going To Happen, Rick Beato talks about how good AI Music generators are getting. He plays parts of some songs and some of them do sound pretty good! There is a Country song, a Metal song, a Chill tune and more. Do they sound too "computery" to you, or do they sound like something a real musician would make?

I didn't listen too much to what Rick was actually saying though. He had a vibe like,

Hey you kids, get off my grass! 😁

The AI Music Generator service Rick talks about is at and there is a Free pricing plan. I think I'll sign up and play with it. Maybe I'll make some music for the #Pepe Game!

My Activity

today was same as usual lately - moving around every once in a while as I sit in my office getting the PEPE Game ready for everyone to play.

At night I did take a walk but it was rather short. It's hot out and I don't want to get sweaty. But I did see the moon finally! It's looking beautiful as always. More than half full, probably three quarters full. Get ready for a Full Moon this weekend!

Have a nice day and a nice week! :)

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What's that pepe game??

i have been trading with pepe and had some good profits so now i'm interested, will it be launched in hive? or in wich platform?

PEPE Game is a trading card game a bit like Splinterlands. It is not on any blockchain but it does have an in-game currency that is pegged to HBD. It is for the PEPE community here on Hive.

We have a PEPE token here! You can trade it at

We may use the token for rewards and may accept the token for in-game currency. We may also vote for posts about the game.

It is not ready for launch yet, but it should be coming "soon" :) We have a test version of it, which has been working for many months. It is testing on a private website but there are about a dozen players playing it right now.

Thanks for asking about PEPE Game. Hope to see you in there when it launches!

AI music is really cool man can't believe how good AI makes it.I’ve listened to a few and it’s crazy how realistic they sound. Very excited to try too. Might end up becoming a musician after all without the voice 😂😂


I really can’t wait for the PEPE game
I’m sure it will be nice

Great video, thanks for sharing the report, have a nice day


I am so much optimistic about the future of the Pepe token