A 78 year Old man still bursting iron ||My Actifit Report Card: March 23 2021

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Even at old age, one can still be productive.

Welcome to my blog good friend. Remember that I promised to bring to you the update on how we’ve been pushing the irrigation system.

I came with an interesting story concerning the elderly and youths that worked at my site today.

I requested for more workers; iron bursters to be precise. And the advertisement went viral that many youths that specialize on iron bursting/bending came in their numbers.

But I realized that there’s this aged
man that came for same job too just like the youths. The youths among them wanted to overshadow him so that they can eject him away from the equation.

But I felt pity and could even touched his thought process at that point. I perceived that he is in need for a job to be able to take care of himself.

I intervened and brought him in to work for me along with other young youths.

I marveled at his strength and experience in the job! At a point he became the one directing others on the best approach to their line of work.


I enjoyed his time at my site today. I later paid him more that I paid the youths.

Thanks for coming around.

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There is wisdom with age, and what you did for him was thoughtful and kind. In turn, he brought knowledge to your project that perhaps the more youthful did not have. God sees. 😇

You did well with your 6123 @actifit steps for the day! Take care my friend and have a blessed evening and day tomorrow!

Thanks and remain blessed for such encouragement and recognition.

The elderly went home happy, and I felt satisfied within me spirit.

Being one of those sometimes overlooked old folks myself, I appreciate what you did for that man. On behalf of older but still useful people everywhere, Thank You.

You’re right, sometimes we neglect things that comes our way in disguise.

This man didn’t comprise the process and the arrangements of their job, even when the youths were pushing everything so fast, he maintained his stand to correct their oversights and erroneous ideas.

Wise elders are always with the truth. They do not short conner processes like the youths does.