A Twilight To Remember and A Sunst That Never Came

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Hello everyone 😁 how was your day today? I am back once again to report on my actifit activity today yay 😁

Yesterday I woke up 15 minutes earlier than my alarm clock and today I woke up 15 minutes later than my alarm clock πŸ˜‚ It all cancels out in the end 🀣 Anyways I woke up late today coz my alarm clock was off lol I turned it off yesterday coz I woke up early and I forgot to turn it back on last night. Not to mention that I usually go to sleep around 8PM but I slept last night at 10PM because I was still editing my photos that I got from yesterdays little photoshoot in the park so I can include them on my Actifit Post Yesterday. My body felt so heavy and I was so tired that I wanted to just stay in bed and sleep for the rest of the day...

But I thought to myself that I need to do this. If I don't then I feel like my whole motivation will be ruined. It doesn't matter if I walk less time today than yesterday as long as I can do my walk then it is all good. So I lifted my heavy ass body out of the bed and into the outdoors.


What I saw over the horizon was just stunning! As soon as I saw it I know that I would never regret pushing myself to do my morning walk today.


I rushed to the wharf to the best of my ability so I will not miss this very rare twilight show and sure enough as soon I entered the wharf area I was stunned by the view 😍 I mean just look at that gorgeous twilight for my eyes to adore 😍 Quite breath taking to saw the least. I've seen quite a lot of lovely twilight's and trust me this is one of the best twilights I have ever seen. The mixture of the blue sky, dark blue sky, the dark clouds, red clouds, orange lower horizon and yellowish center horizon was just too much for my eyes to handle. It's not a pitch perfect twilight I'll give you that but God! I love it! 😍


I moved to the center of the wharf where I usually do my walk and man... I have the whole wharf to myself! I was late this morning but I guess I was not the only one coz I got here first! 😲


Nobody was in the wharf and I got the whole twilight to myself only 😁 I'm not the type to hoard and not share but I love the situation I'm in! I can shout till my hearts content without anyone telling me to shut my self up 🀣


Anyways since it was a rare thing to see a twilight as lovely as this, I decided to go to the end of the wharf and take a much closer look at the twilight. I don't usually go to the end of the wharf now since I'm already perfectly fine staying at the center of the wharf where there is a huge area that I can go circles around. I got to the end of the wharf and man it is just lovely. Double lovely coz there was a boat who crossed the horizon in the right side which makes the photo much more appealing to my eyes 😍

It really is during these days that I really feel quite alive and I am thankful that I am alive. If I didn't push myself to go out and do my walk then I wouldn't have seen this majestic view right in front of me right now. The tiredness that I felt when I woke up is now completely gone and I feel so energized already 😁


30 minutes into my walk and hoards of people have already made their way into the wharf. I guess they also noticed the reddish twilight from a far but they were now too late. I mean it is still there but it is not as beautiful as earlier so it's a win for me? πŸ˜‚


I was hoping to see a sun rise today based on my experience with that very rare twilight earlier but I guess I was asking too much I guess. I went home today without witnessing the sun rise but I don't mind. I was able to witness such a majestic twilight earlier so expecting for a majestic sun rise as well was expecting too much I guess πŸ˜…. I mean I could theoretically speaking if I stay until the sun rises but I couldn't afford such time this morning because of my duties and responsibilities as a father always comes first 😁


After I've done my fatherly duties to my son I still had like an hour of time so I decided to go out for a ride. At first I wanted to go to the border of Sibonga and Argao like I usually do but I since I felt a little bit of discomfort in my knees that I decided not to and probably just do a chill ride instead for this afternoon.


What better way to start a chill ride than to chill near the sea right? 😁


This particular spot right here has a very wide concrete road which is really nice to ride on lol so I decided to do my rounds in this place for the whole afternoon.


After 30 minutes of doing my rounds I decided to go to the wharf, relax for a bit and maybe enjoy myself with the upcoming sunset.


I've sat on the spot for a good 15 minutes and nothing. I was like "WHERE IS MY SUNSET!" in the back of my mind. I know it's an overcast weather but there should be at least a sunset twilight right? πŸ˜… Maybe my expectations was so high because of the majestic twilight I saw earlier in the morning. I guess you can't have everything right πŸ˜… At the end of the day everything in this world is balanced as it should be... I got my very positive morning vibes and I got my utterly disappointment afternoon πŸ˜…

Anyways guys I'm so tired and sleepy now so I'll sign off for today. See you guys again tomorrow 😁

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Great photos pinkhub! You’re so blessed to be living near the wharf.

You’re so blessed to be living near the wharf.

I know right 😁 I know my routine is a mundane one but there are really times when even the most mundane routine gives you a surprise well it's all thanks to nature anyways so I guess I should say nature is amazing πŸ˜…

kumalma ka huy, kala mo pinmapple to aba


Try to read my past few Actifit Reports πŸ˜‚. Ewan parang na gustohan ko lang mag chika minute ngayon lol may 2k words pa nga ako 8 days ago kaso di lang pinansin but it's fine. It's a mundane routine anyways. Swertehan nalang kung may magaganap na maganda tulad neto na sobrang ganda ng twilight πŸ˜…

Thanks for playing your fatherly role man.
By the way, those pictures are soul lifting

By the way, those pictures are soul lifting

I know right 😁 that is why I titled it "A Twilight To Remember" coz it really is probably one of the best Twilights I've ever witnessed in my life. Nature really is quite amazing 😍

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Wow look at those before sunrise photos! What an amazing display of colors from nature :) It's cool that you live near a wharf where you can hang out and enjoy walking while taking photos. Keep your lovely photos coming! And your funny stories too.. enjoy the weekend!

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Thank you so much πŸ₯° Nature really is beautiful 😍 once it displays its glory everyone will be in awe 😎

@pinkhub, you're becoming quite an amazing photographer! Congratulations on capturing these epic shots! 😁 πŸ™ πŸ’š ✨ πŸ€™

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Absolutely stunning photos indeed @pinkhub! I'm really enjoying seeing your development as a photographer! Excellent job! 😁 πŸ™ πŸ’š ✨ πŸ€™

Thanks man but I think you're giving me far too much credit πŸ˜… it really was just a lucky coincidence. I'd lean more on "Nature is really awesome" or something along those lines coz it was mostly nature that made these pictures possible and less on my skill as a photographer. I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time 😊 Still thank you for the appreciation and I hope I'll get better in the future 😁

Absolutely, you're most welcome! The beauty of nature is often, or even usually the inspiration to take photos, but as a photographer one must still have the eye to recognize a fantastic shot, and then be able to capture it in a way that does it justice. I still think that you're doing great! 😁 πŸ™ πŸ’š ✨ πŸ€™