Relaxing For A Day and Hopefully Be Ready For Tomorrow

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Hello everyone 😁 how was your day today? I am back once again to report on my actifit activity today yay 😁

Today I decided to rest and take it easy. I've been pushing myself lately and I feel like my body has been sluggish for a few days now. I know rest is important but sometimes I like taking things on the extreme end. Hopefully todays rest will be meaningful so I can start my routine again tomorrow 😁

Anyways since I rested today I was able to watch or should I say monitor the price of Hive today which pumped up to $0.52 which is crazy 😯 sadly FOMO got the best of me and I sold mine early at $0.46 which gave me like 4% to 5% gain I guess. It ain't bad for sure but considering I lost 75% of my portfolio since the LUNA crash I'm still in the red zone to say the least πŸ₯Ή

Also a package came in this afternoon which I ordered online a few days ago. I bought a couple of stuff for my new camera.

I've bought an external flash for my camera to help me during low light situations. It's the cheapest flash I could find online but hopefully it will still be better than my on-camera flash πŸ˜…

I also ordered a rechargeable batteries and a battery charger for the batteries. These batteries are used to power up the flash.

I just hope these will last or helpful. My lens that I ordered also will hopefully come in tomorrow. I'm quite excited to get my hands on a 50mm prime lens coz I've been using the old kit lens of my camera which honestly sucks especially when I have already tried a new lens a few days ago which I borrowed from one of my photographer friend.

That is all for me today guys and hopefully I'll be back on track tomorrow with my morning walks and afternoon rides 😁 Have a great day! Cheers 😎

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