My Actifit Report Card: August 9 2022

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“I need more power!”😊
Are you feeling energized, Silvertop is!🤗
Hot humid days can be a challenge, some days it would be easy to turn on the A/C and stay at home…..😇
That’s what I love about @actifit!
My Fitbit track’s my healthy steps, and helps me strive to meet my workout goals for the day!😊
Today was one of those days Lol!🤣
Overcast skies today, Liz checked the humidity and it was at 77 percent.
“It’s a sauna today Liz!”😅
Then it started to sprinkle………
This is like throwing water on a fire, you could almost see the humidity in the air!
Not to worry, “what goes up, must come down Lol!”🤣
Tomorrow the weather “can” be drastically different, for the better, or…….😳
“Evening hike Liz?”🥰
As the Sun rose this morning Silvertop fired up his ASIC Equahash Crypto miners.
They connected to the mining pool and started hashing on the Zcash algorithm.
That’s when I started reading about Tornado Cash……….
The U. S. Has put sanctions on this mixer, banning U.S. users.
I have been noticing an ongoing spike with Zcash ZEC, and for several days I was trying to figure out why.🤔
ZEC is not a mixer/blender, it is a privacy blockchain, one of four on the Equahash algorithm. The other three are…..
Horizen ZEN
Komodo KMD
Pirate ARRR
My miners automatically switch between all four blockchains throughout the day searching for the most profitable!😇
It appears some users are switching to ZEC…… maybe because of sanctions, or maybe just a desire for a privacy blockchain.🤔
Silvertop “Switched” on the A/C, grabbed a frozen water bottle, and stepped out into today’s “Sauna”!😅
Over six miles and 67 uphill floors………
Here’s to everyone getting healthy with @actifit, and earning some Crypto rewards as well, just for putting one foot in front of the other!😊
Stay cool everyone….. is it Fall yet Lol!😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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It must be fall somewhere.........road trip? 🍁🍁🍁🤗😘❤️


Hmmm... I am lost!!!

Liz is looking forward to cooler Weather @silversaver888!😀 I hope the Weather is nice where you are!!🤗