My Actifit Report Card: August 10 2022

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Progress……. Several of the home owners in town are having their houses raised up off their foundation!😊
Silvertop is so thankful to have a home high up in the Mountains above the town of Everson Washington!😇
The owners of this house run an upscale restaurant in town, and the wanted to stay close to the business. They opted to raise the home above potential floodwaters in the future.
Wow that is high!😲
I wonder if they are going to landscape the front,to make this more aesthetically pleasing!😊
Silvertop is also making progress!😊
Over Seven miles and seventy uphill floors hiked today!😅
We had several lighting strikes very close by, and then a cloudburst!
You could see the water vapor steaming in the Sun!😮
Then the rain stopped…………
Time to squeeze in a hike between rain showers!
Everything was wet on the trails, so I stayed on the gravel switchbacks, figuring another rain shower would hit any minute!
We really do need this rain………….😇
The Cottonwood trees are starting to drop their leaves, it’s a sign of the changing of the Season’s.
I stopped to chat with David at the Tiny House on the hike downhill.
“Silvertop I really need to find a tiny wood stove!”
Yep…. a very tiny wood stove would probably heat your tiny house very well!😊
Nothing like a good fire on a cold Northwest Winter day!
Enjoy Summer my friends, Fall is right around the corner!😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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I noticed on the way home from work today, that the house is now on that foundation via steel i-beams. It will be interesting to see how they do landscape, but I suspect that is not on their priority list, lol!

Heard the thunder, but no rain in town! 🤗😘❤️

Fall... did I hear Fall?
Wow, gosh... were almost the middle to August. School starts soon!
Summer .. don't go!!!

I love Summer @silversaver888 , time seems to go faster, and faster!😀

So they are building their homes on stilts because of the change in weather patterns bringing more rain?

We have the opposite problem. Where is the rain? Everything is so dry?

Cheers !wine

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I hope you get some rain my friend. The local river has filled in over the years, so when it rains it easily overflows and floods the lowlands. No one can agree to dredge the river because of the Samon…….🤔