My Actifit Report Card: August 15 2022

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Just follow that trail Silvertop, and you won’t get lost!😳
Today was the day……..
Liz, Jan, Tamara, and Silvertop were headed back to the “Gold Mine trail”!🤗
Todays hike was to take a different route………….
Jan and Tamara met up with Liz and myself in search of the “Sumas Mountain Outpost”!😊
This is an old log cabin that was used by one of the original Gold miners, hand built from Douglas Fir logs in 1891!😲
Be sure to check out @elizabethbit she has more photos, including the @actifit -lamb family……….
Lamb was sure she was going to hit the “Mother Lode” of Gold today!😇
Silvertop led the way………..
From the trailhead we hiked uphill at 10:30 AM.
“Late night posting on our blockchain Liz, I’m not awake Liz!”😮
Straight uphill we hiked !🥵
We paused many times, to catch our breath, looking for any semi level shady spots.
After about one hour of steep uphill, we could see sunlight through the trees ahead, we had reached the log cabin!🤗
“That Gold miner had to have been very tenacious to build in this extremely remote location!”😮
The four of us explored the cabin, and rested a bit. Then we followed this extremely easy to follow map that was inside the cabin on the wall!😳
“Liz I know the trail is up ahead and to the right!”😇
This single foot path trail opened up to stunning views of the valley below, and the Ocean in the far distance!
Check out the last photo!😊
Silvertop now knew for sure we were on the correct trail!
I climbed up on a steep loose rock overlook to snap the last photo,
I encouraged the Ladies to climb up and take a look at the view.
Upon descending I started to realize maybe that wasn’t the smartest!😬
Everyone safely made it down to the trail below, that in itself was a cliff trail.
Soon we were descending further into the cool dark mature Douglas Fir forest!
Over five miles and 94 uphill floors today!😅
“Liz are you making mocha Frappuccino‘s when we get home, that was a hike!🥰
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Looking at the map, if you put the trees in-between looks like a recipe on how to get lost! 😉😁😅
Glad You didn't!
Have a Amazing Tuesday!

Lol, it's a good thing I have hiked this trail before.... interesting map😳😅😀

And I know it's "easy" to get lost in the woods!
Take Care and Stay Safe!

Hope you're having a wonderful day take care my friend😀

Thanks and You Too! 👍🏼😁👍🏼

It was a stellar day for a hike; good friends along for the ride with an adventurous spirit! @actifit-lamb is fearless as well!

Sounds like we are on next month for another repeat! Should be fun and hopefully cooler! 🤗😘💕🐑

Looking forward to next Month!😍



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Wow... it must have been a wonderful hike!
... and a pressure on you to find that cabin again, @silvertop !

We are so very fortunate to have all of these hiking trails so close to home! Many visitors drive miles to come to the gold mine, and it is only about a quarter mile from home!😀