My Actifit Report Card: August 16 2022

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“Just a Pickin, and a Grinning!”😊
Back home on Sumas Mountain today, Silvertop and Liz took an evening hike!🥰
Liz made sure to bring a large ziplock bag, we were Blackberry picking along today’s hike!
“Silvertop I don’t see very many ripe berries in the first photo?”🤔
That’s because Liz has 2-3 pounds in that ziplock bag Lol!😇
The berries are ripening in waves, so many more will be ready to pick in the coming weeks!🤗
Everyone enjoyed the Gold Mine trail yesterday, so we have tentatively made plans for next month to do it again!
I took so many photos, I thought I would share some more today!
The beginning of yesterday’s hike is in the third photo…….
“Careful….. that Electric fence to the right is HOT!”😳
If it wasn’t for the Gold miners over 120 years ago we wouldn’t have these hiking trails to enjoy!
We have talked about hiking in the Winter, I have heard of people snowshoeing up to the top of Sumas Mountain, the view must be stunning!😊
Last Fall we had torrential rains, and flooding of the low land towns of Sumas in Everson.
The power of these heavy rains can be seen in the last photo!
Last Summer this was a very small muddy creek. After last Falls storm, massive amounts of water cascaded down this creek bed, carrying away all topsoil, and revealing A stream bed full of massive boulders!😳
This is what is under this green forest covered Mountain!
Eastern Washington is dryer, so the rock formations are exposed, on this side it took heavy rains to reveal this………😲
Extremely interesting geology!
“Liz I think we have plenty of Blackberries, I need to go write today’s post”😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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That is awesome you guys, I love picking wild berries! They can be a little tart sometimes, at least here in Maryland, we like to make syrups and jams from them 😀 Great work on hitting almost 20k steps too, those are solid numbers 👍

Making syrup and jam sounds delicious! We will need to give that a try, there are so many berries this time of year, we were trying to pick and freeze as many as we can, take care my friend!😀

Yesterday's hike was awesome! The blackberries today tasty and the company grand! 🤗💕😘