My Actifit Report Card: August 17 2022

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Hmmm…….. Looks like work Lol!😅
Silvertop really does not need any more split firewood, but it’s hard to pass on “Free” wood!😇
Three to four logs filled my wheelbarrow, and then I wheeled this from the driveway around back to my firewood stack for what felt like miles Lol………😲
Probably 25 times I repeat this early this morning.
Cot the “Baby Mountain” Lion does not look impressed……😻
As the temperature starts climbing to the forecast 95 degrees, Silvertop’s frozen water bottle starts melting.
Silvertop is as well……….🥵
I just hit 10,000 steps the hard way and it’s not even Noon!😮
I grabbed a lunch, and then it was time to start splitting firewood!
I split and stacked five wheelbarrow loads, by then Silvertop was running out of steam!
Time for an afternoon break, and of course my second Latte!😇
As I type my post for tonight, I will leave you with some more “eye candy” from our Gold Mine adventure!🤗
Anyone wanting to try splitting firewood, and burn a few calories?😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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At the hardware store here there is a sign "pallets can be taken for free" ; I took two - boh smaller size - for my garage but could also burn them when required in my rocketstove I now have.

Excellent, pallets burn very good, I have a stack that I cut up to start our wood stove! Many are Oak and burn better than the local firewood!😊

Pshaw! Cot says that's nothing compared to the many miles he runs indoors! I am glad I was indoors all day with air conditioning! Your day was physical and mine was mental! We need a vacation! 😘🤗💕❤️😸

Hmmm.... Lazy boy, I could have used a couple of extra paws Lol!😇

You have a lot of work ahead, but it's rewarding.

Lol….. lot’s of work ahead my friend!😅. It’s always good to be prepared for the coming colder weather!👍

What was the last photo?
Nope, free wood is good!
You'll never know when you need firewood (and food)
specially where you are. Best to have more than enough, and then some!
Have a nice day, @silvertop !

Very interesting @silversaver888 , deep in the forest on the Gold Mine trail, someone built this lean to shelter🤔 I was far back on a second trail when Liz found this , complete with a winter coat....
I was concerned that someone was inside the shelter, even though we are deep in the force we still need to be careful ........😇

Yay! 🤗
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