HAS LIFE GOT YOU OVER A BARREL? ......... Actifit Report Card: September 18 2023

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His life got you over a barrel?😲
“Liz, I see rain clouds, we better hurry!😳
For the last three months we have been trying to connect with Ryan to give him our older 43 inch LED TV……….
Ryan is getting closer to completing his renovations on his home, he was ready for the TV!😊
Silvertop was watching the clouds………..
It dumped hard on us last night!😅
I needed to transport this TV in the back of my open pickup truck!
Ryan’s home, if you recall from my previous post, was three feet underwater during the flood two years ago this winter!😲
It’s hard now to imagine, that where he is standing out front, was deep underwater!
He and his Wife and three children, were upstairs in this house for safety, as the flood waters engulfed their home!😳
This is his 1905 home, he has made much progress!🤗
The fourth photo will be their kitchen, next the living room, and the photo after that, one of the bedrooms.
Much of the supplies, and manpower has been donated!😇
Insurance money has been slow to non-existent for many of the residents of this valley town!
He just sold his RV, they have 12 more days till the buyer takes possession……..
Then “As is” they are moving into this unfinished house!
Ryan just gave notice at his property maintenance Job, needing to focus his energy full time on his home!
Many other contractors in this town are also feeling Winter closing in……….😅
I asked him if he is worried about a repeat winter storm………………
He said………………
“Silvertop it’s like dying, there isn’t any sense worrying about it!”😇
Such a good attitude, we all need to appreciate, and approach every day life like this!😊
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Wow! You're so kind. Hehe. I haven't watched TV for a long time because our TV isn't turning on. Haha

I’m glad we found someone to give this to!😊


There isn’t any sense worrying about it... but you certainly must prepare.
After my bout in the hospital some years back, I think it's been three years now.. I just had to buy a memorial lot and the services, hehehe! You know, in case I suddenly have to leave this world. They can do anything with everything, I would not know because I dead anyway, but the services and funeral are taken care of! I'm ready, hehehe!

I remember when you were in the Hospital @silversaver888……😮
If I remember correctly, you missed a day or so, and I believe you posted from the Hospital!😇
Liz and I are so very thankful that you recovered!❤️
Take care of yourself my friend!😊