Great series: February 1 2023

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Surprisingly I haven't been tired after that exhausting day yesterday and worked well at the office AND ran great series. 6x 1000m where I started later than my friends and chased them resulted in 3'48" and 5x under 3'40" the last from which I did together with Ramon in 3'32". A great feeling to see that slowly slowly I'm getting there even though it's with longer breaks than usual. #AliveAndThriving #alive
Pictures of unusual city birds in Barcelona yesterday. Green doves? #featheredfriends

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Parrot? !LUV !LOLZ

Did you hear about the guy who threw his alarm clock while hosting a party?
He wanted to see if time flys while having fun.

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@palomap3 called it "Green Doves" or "Cottoras" !LOL !LUV !CTP

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I haven't sold a single copy of my autobiography.
Sigh. That's the story of my life.

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Oh, those green doves are called parrots, and from what I see in Barcelona you have a plague! They are invasive and crowd out native bird species. For a few years we had that problem in Zaragoza. Now they are well under control.
I enjoyed reading your post. 🤗

Thank you for passing and thanks for taking the time to comment. !PIZZA for you. You call it green doves? Your name is really Paloma?... What a coincidence!

Hahaha yes... my real name is Paloma!!

The Spanish word for the green doves are "cotorras". When women are talking and talking, blablabla... we say they are cotorras. It could be my description, too. Another coincidence!! 🤣🤣

I didn't believe my daughter when she told me about "cotorras" but it's true?! !LOL

Oh, yes, it's soooo true!!!

Hahahah !LOL

Why do math teachers have so many babies?
Because they know how to multiply.

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@palomap3 you say you're from Zaragoza. I'm trying to revive a bit the Travel Spain community Maybe you'd like to follow and write a post about Zaragoza there too? That would be great!

I am in. Could I cross-post an old post I published last year?

Absolutely. All help is welcome!


Thanks a lot !LUV

@palomap3 I don't want to clutter messages here... But I saw that you're quite active on Actifit as well AND you like to curate AND that you're not a big whale. I started a little project for people with smaller accounts, to help each other growingon Hive.
Tis is about automated upvoting. Not to replace manual voting at all, but to add it and to be sure we're not missing out each other's votes + not getting our voting mana getting to 100%. Please take a look at my post about it and let me know if I'd add you to my list and if you'd like to return te favour. I already upvoted your last 3 posts ;-)

Oh, I am sorry but I can't give automated votes. I am part of the Ecency curators team and all my votes have to be manual votes. 😅

ok, I understand. Than I'm looking forward to a lot of manual votes from you !LOL

Continue with your excellent work, votes will come to you. 😁

Let's hope, I'm doing the best I can, but I'm a bit disappointed from the results till now after all the work and time I've been investing for a year and 4 months till now... !PIZZA


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