My Actifit Report Card: November 27 2022 Today my all activity in my home

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Today my all activity in my home

  • Asslam-o-alaikum to all colleagues from me. I would have hoped
    I am in good health. Today is November 27 and it is Sunday and the year is 2022


  • Like every day, today I will wake up at the time of Fajr Azaan. I thanked Allah for creating me as a human being. Then I recited the Holy Quran. After reciting the Holy Quran, I cooked breakfast. Then I refreshed the children and had breakfast together with the children. Then I will be busy with housework. I did all the housework, first I washed the dishes, then I swept the yard. Then I breastfed my little daughter. Then I wash the children's clothes. After that I cooked the meal of the day. Then we all ate together. Then I put the children to sleep because it is important to rest during the day. Then the azaan for noon started, I performed ablution and offered the noon prayer. Then I made tea and I drank tea. Then I prepared dinner. Meanwhile, the Asr call to prayer started, I performed ablution and offered the Asr prayer. Then I cooked dinner.

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Daily Activity, Walking, Yard Work
165 cm
65 kg
Body Fat
45 %
32 cm


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