My Actifit Report Card: February 3 2023How to live a successful and prosperous life

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How to live a successful and prosperous life

  • A successful person is one who can face the problems of life successfully and effectively. But Ka Miyabi cannot be found unless there is a goal in front. Here are some principles for living a successful life that can be adopted through self hypnosis. Human life is like a bicycle. The cycle remains in balance as long as it continues to run. You will remember that in the beginning when you learned to ride a bicycle, when you sat down to ride it, it would fall down and you would say that it does not stand up, so how can I ride? However, when the bicycle moves, it stands up and falls down when it stops. So is human life. Remember that you can never be successful without determining the purpose of life. Always look forward and never look back to the past. Better understanding depends on yourself. If you get something wrong, you cannot do it properly. Most of our failures are due to our own ignorance. That is, we get into some kind of misunderstanding, which results in failure. Better understanding requires that you listen carefully and try to understand what the speaker is trying to say. Misunderstanding occurs when we add our own opinion to something. For example, the wife's cousin does not talk laughingly with the brother and the husband thinks that something wrong has happened, that is, the husband adds his opinion without confirmation. This is a misunderstanding. Friends are talking to each other, but as soon as you arrive, they fall silent. This is the basis of misunderstanding. Understanding a person's words as he is doing without adding his own opinion is called better understanding. Always care about what is right. It's not about who's right, so you'll get everything right. Now you have a purpose and a better understanding. But still you cannot be successful without courage. You must have the courage to act. Remember, it is always action that turns your dreams and beliefs into reality. It's better to take a step in the wrong direction than to put yourself in one place. When you have decided to go ahead, the route will be automatically found. If you jam your work in one place, your self-organization will stop working and you will become ineffective. Don't wait until you can be a great hero to show courage. It takes courage to face the problems of daily life

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Daily Activity, Walking, Yard Work
165 cm
65 kg
Body Fat
45 %
32 cm


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