My Actifit Report Card: February 6 2023

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Low salt intake increases the risk of heart disease

  • According to public health experts in the United States, the maximum amount of salt a day should be 2300 milligrams. According to the American Heart Association, this amount should not be more than 1500 mg.

  • The Salt Institute says 2300 mg is nothing.

  • Lori says that people consume a very normal amount of sodium, which is between 2500 and 4500 milligrams. This is normal and natural.

  • You could have a heart attack if you consume the amount of salt the Institute recommends, says Hawes.

  • According to Dr. Hewes, the study is weak and methodologically flawed. And they are also worried about its publication in an important journal.

  • He says that this will raise more questions among people. It should not have been published, especially in such a well-known journal.

  • The Salt Institute says it would like to revisit the study. However, health experts are of the opinion that people should consume salt in limited quantities. Along with this, weight should be controlled by making healthy diet and exercise a part of life.
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    Daily Activity, Walking, Yard Work
    165 cm
    65 kg
    Body Fat
    45 %
    32 cm