My Actifit Report Card: September 19 2021

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**A Trip to the Gardens and a Day to Not Forget: **

My Daily Adventures: -

Sunday September 19th, 2021

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I woke up this morning Earlier than normal and did all my regular routine, got ready, watered the yard and attended to my botany and hydroponics
Finishing all of my dailies, cryptofinances and work, I grabbed a coffee and threw on my series "Reign". Another good few episodes!
I'm nearing Season 3 now!

Finishing up breakfast, I got dressed for the day and decided upon what I wanted to do with it. It was only 6am!

So...I decided that I wanted to do some hiking at the Royal Botanical Gardens!

And so I began!

Over this beautiful bridge to this view of these old train track,

I arrived at the Botanical Gardens! This time, I was at the Arboretum side; I kinda snuck in from the north hehehe...I came across a Pinetum! Or otherwise a raspberry farm silo;

A brief history lesson is always nice

I began the circle around the Arboretum!

Reaching the trail,

And these beautiful blooming Wildflowers!

I found some fungi along the way!

See above, a spikey Puffball mushroom, edible and looking delicious!

And many other genus' and species of mushroom surrounding;

It was fun to look around a bit :)

Finally arriving at my desireable starting point, I entered Cootes Paradise and began along the Captain Cootes Trail (having headed southward from the Hickory Valley Trail) to the Marsh Walk!

Heading along the trail, I snapped this beautiful shot overlooking the bay,

And came across this useful informational about native plants and shrubs. Cool!

Continuing along, I passed a small marsh,

And turned down Bull's Point Trail,

The low-lying ground allowed for growth on so many trunks with these polypores!

I reached a lookout and approached,

I learned a lot from this dataset about the Desjardins Canal -hopefully not too blurry-

And as to why this lookout is here;

This was known as Bull's Point Head.

Onward, this massive tree caught my eye,

And found some Chicken of the Woods growing alongside other smaller mushrooms,

Looking up, the treetops were beautiful and there was a unique glare,

The trail led on,

To a more open area,


I continued,

And I reached the marsh walk -with some information too- !


The boardwalk itself was beautiful,

And the marsh, even more incredible;

Walking along,

I reached the marsh walk lookout and checked it out!

Got some information on the little birdies!

Snagged a nice shot!

Took in the views, then was back on my way!

I headed along,

The trail pressed forward,

Through this berry tract,

And up to this meadow;

Then finished up with the rest of Bull's Point Trail,

And headed back down the Homestead Trail!

The trail was long but beautiful!

I eventually arrived at the same point I had started at after circling around and going down Hickory Valley Trail, and this time decided to head east instead of west,

And found some information regarding the trail!

This native trail (the Enji Naagdowing Anishinaabe Waadiziwi Trail) was beautiful! And led me to a wonderful view of the eastern parts of the bay!

I continued along,

Learning about herbal remedies from our native plants and shrubs and such;

Learning about the mind, body and soul;

I grabbed one last, glistening shot of the bay,

And found this beauty staring me down!

Not following this -technically- side- continuation of the trail,

but instead following the regular trail now back north,

I learned some useful bits of knowledge,

And reaching the top of the trailhead, I arrived back at the arboretum,

Learning a little bit about crabapples,

And seeing the Lilac's Story, I headed down the final trail of the day

The Lilac Walk

I sat for a minute and admired the beauty of the area I was in. It was beautiful.

I reached the Katie Osborne Lilac Collection,

And was in pure awe at the size and beauty of these massive trees! For this was the end of my Arboretum adventure and began back the way I came.

Back to Homestead from my little hidden access bridge then back down Old Guelph Rd under Hwy403 through to the bus stop up on York Rd/Plains Rd W at York Bridge.

After an hour ride, I hopped on a train and thankfully stayed awake.

The final bus though always seems to take the longest for I was just finishing mg catch up to my blogging and it took FOREVER. Entire trip home took 3 hours + time this morning = 6 hours of transit. BUT I was in the forest from 9 - 2pm having an amazing time, so I think that kinda makes up for it a little :)

All was well until the final 10 minutes of bussing. Suddenly out of nowhere a wave of exhaustion just blanketed itself over me.

When I got home, my mind and body took hold. It was 4pm. I set my alarm for 7pm for I wanted to possibly catch the sunset and end the night off grandeau.

Waking up around 6:30, I cleaned myself up and went for my evening walk.

Cheers to another good day and to tomorrow 🍻


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