My Actifit Report Card: August 10 2022

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Well it was another ,(mostly) dreary gray day with plenty of rain but overall it wasn't too bad as I trotted along in the afternoon rain to put in some soggy miles and Lulu and I spent a couple of hours out in the forest getting wet as well.

The family morning stroll was under dark clouds with an occasional rumble of distant thunder but fortunately no rain during our 2 plus mile jaunt.
At least everyone is feeling more motivated to get out for s few morning miles and Lulu even is more interested in her walk than breakfast 😅. The monsoon rains have helped green up the dry landscape and brought forth the mushrooms 🍄 and flowers 💐 to make the countryside appear more lush.

Nothing else exciting in those few miles but every little bit helps these days.
Lynx Creek was running high again so I didn't have too much luck prospecting but at least it wasn't so touch digging the creek gravel for the few flakes of gold.
The thunderstorms rolled in this afternoon as I was getting ready to go out for my exercise and after waiting a while for the heavy rains to let up I just put on my rain jacket and headed out onto the soaked roads.

The rain wasn't too bad and mostly just a light drizzle to keep me wet and slow me down just a bit.

S slow first couple of miles and then I picked up my pace a bit. Thankfully the rain cooled the temperature nicely so I wasn't sweating like crazy under my rain jacket. Overall not to bad but still not up for much running yet.
Tomorrow I hope to try to do a looking (13 miles or so) walk out to Granite Basin Lake and back. It's a beautiful stretch through National Forest land that I haven't been on in a couple of years.

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