#SublimeSunday - Family Day!

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In my slice of Canada, today is Family Day! Usually we escape to a family house in the woods and have way too much outdoor cousin time. Not this year for obvious reasons...

This is about as close to a selfie as you will get from the Picklemans, Picklemen, Picklefolk. We decided to defer our usual Sunday adventure to go skating on Monday!

This is the main corner in our small town. It looks down onto the lake in the center of town that is long and thin like a river. I have only lived here less than a decade and I am mystified as to why the community doesn’t descend upon this gem every winter.

This year, the combination of a lock down, cold snap and special motivation to get out and active has caused the shovels and skaters to emerge from their caves. There are a bunch or different sections cleared off for skating and paths shovelled between them.

The lake could host hundreds of arena sized areas and it would be popular like the Rideau Canal in our nations capital. This year, there was a warning from the municipality warning of the dangers of gathering outside coupled with the possibility of falling through the ice in an unsupervised activity.

That won’t stop us from getting our Canadian on and hitting the winter wonderland. I strapped on my hockey blades and noticed there seems to be a little blood on the laces from a past game. ;)

There were dozens of others out there in their happy little family pods enjoying the outdoor activity in a safely distant manor. Some played hockey, some skated leisurely, while others were there to learn to skate for their first time. A classic hoser right of passage.

Some folks even took the opportunity to bring down foldable chairs, clear off their own part of the lake, and assemble a makeshift winter picnic. The equivalent of a socially distanced beer on a driveway in the summer. Fantastic idea.


In the grand scheme of things, 5k steps is not a whole lot. I wonder how steps translate when you are skating. No matter though as it was a nice active, family activity safely distant in the heart of the community.

I hope your day was as sublime as mine was.

(Hive to the moon! ;)
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Wanna come skating with me?


A lot of snow ❄️!
That's super cool, to have a picnic at the lake.
Nice pictures

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Probably a bunch of dads drinkin' beer but I would be up for that. Keep the beer cold in the snow! Brilliant eh?


Hey @cryptospa, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

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amazing we have lockdown so can't go to see outside

We do too. Stay at home orders and such as well.

Still, happiness and safe activity while being safe is essential.

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What beautiful photos, where is that?

Canada eh?

Small town in Ontario. So wintery!

I love it, I would like one day to know the snow

That's how to beat cabin fever,
Never much of a skater. The only skates I ever had were figure skates.
The only way I could get moving on the ice or stop, was to use the tips of the figure skates.
I guess if you are Canadian, it's in your blood, and if you're a guy you should be wearing hockey skates. 😁

Girls been asking to go ice skating for the past few years now. Brings back some memories man. Good photos!