Sobering Sunday - Looking Back

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These steps were spent finally unpacking, mowing the lawn, and reminiscing about the last 2 Sundays. They were, of course, spent in Mexico.

2 weeks ago, it was our scooter adventure all around the island of Cozumel. We started in town on the east side, drove straight across the island towards the west side.


The west side of the island is a little more harsh and barren with only a few restaurants and beaches. Nice distance for a scooter and a little Cheech’s Moustache.

A little stop over for a couple beers, some tacos and a live band was in order.

One more stop we had to make was a nice group of beach bars playing some trance house music.

You really feel like you have lived the experience when you rent scooters and drive the diameter and circumference of the whole island. I will be renting these next trip for sure.

Fast forward 1 week and we find ourselves on the mats for 8am seminar despite an extended evening before and a short sleep. Amazing what a early little stretching, warming up, and a little technique & sparring do to wake you up. I barely drank a cup of coffee the entire trip.

Next up was a well-deserved day at the beach for a more relaxed tropical celebration. A nap and a few fruity drinks and a beach that felt like a warm hug makes for a very #sublimesunday indeed.

Back to the mats for one last chance to choke each other out and pose with the world champions. With so much fun in the week, the trip will mercifully come to an end and this is a sublime way to cap it off.


As sublime as each of these past 2 Sundays were, today is as much so. I am happy to be safe at home, with my ladies, hands back on the wheel.
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How was your Sunday?


Looks like a pretty great vacation. I have never integrated exercise into a vacation plan other than when i went trekking in the mountains but it does seem like a pretty great idea. Tell me again, what part of Mexico was this?

Yucatan Peninsula.

Training with world champs is about as good as it gets. Hitting the town with them and 30 friends is even better! Epic trip.

Sunday was cleaning day!

Troo. Troo.

Glad you’re safe snd sound back home and had such an awesome trip, @zekepickleman!

A bit of an adventure hangover but we already have our next vacation planned so I will cope. ;)

Ha ha - adventure hangover. That's a new one, but it's so perfect! I intend to make good use of it.

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