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RE: Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

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I miss the most, not only these days but from the beginning of this pandemics, being in physical contact with people, regardless the place or occasion (gigs, Bdays, after work drink, hiking...). Could not say that there is compensation for that, just some replacement activities :/
Some time after lockdowns started, people were more into having fun, I even wrote a post about it :) but after a year of "new normal" and with no idea when it is going to end, people are exhausted, coping mechanisms are close to their limits and energy that is left is being saved for most important things... :(


I see the same happening with the fun levels. People getting too serious lately. I use humour to deal with the situation we are in, and I think many more should try at least 🙃

The human needs the touch. Or will we be able to forget all of this when we are kept in lockdown for a much longer time? This summer I cheated here and there. A hug was allowed in my opinion. Don't tell anyone, otherwise, the Hug-Police hear about it and will take me to the Hug-Recovery Clinique 🤣

omg, people were telling me that there is all king of offenders on the I see is true :p lol
Since the need for close proximity and touch is in our nature, I think it would take looong time; one thing is to deprive ourselves, learn how to live without, another is for a need to disappear. In this video there are some interesting clues about nature, just what he called love is something else- attachment.

The Internet is full of offenders indeed... Espacially Twitter (I suppose, because of the short form chat experience, no space for nuance).

I do wonder, when we made VR as real an experience as real life (high resolution, natural movements, natural appearances, touch and smell senses), can this replace what we experience in our physical world? I have the tendance to be biased towards a 'yes'. We all know our attachement to none-humans, like pets. But we also see people connected to robots (eg Japan where lot of research is ongoing) as if they are living pets.

hahaha, nice spin of my joke ;)
We see people connected to many things which is very sad...trying to replace real people, animals and nature with artificial whatever, in attempt to fill inner void...Maybe posthumans are inevitable, changes that are leading in that direction already started but I.m not really fan of it.

AI Singularity is around the corner. Post-Singularity, I predict humans will get as easy attached to virtual representations of humans, or blunt out AI. Maybe we'll be discovering humans are nothing different to computers anyway, who knows. Scary and at the same time Interestings times ahead of us 🙃