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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm getting back to sharing some music, which I haven't done in many months!


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Music Monday

I had used a different series for the music posts, Saturday Night Sounds, but that wasn't entirely popular and I think it got confused a bit with the name that someone finally told me about lol. I think also because the community wasn’t the right target it didn’t take off. I figured I’ll try to get music Monday to work! A good friend, Perceptual Flaws has been MIA for a while and this was his thing so I’ll take the torch for a while until he comes back!

Music is one of my favorite things to relax to, as many people can also probably have similar experiences. My musical tastes are incredibly diverse, I think. I can enjoy some really heavy gangster rap (not the radio trash), some metal, country, classical and so many others in between.

I might have some different genres that I would focus on during the weekly topic but it could also be totally random. I think it would be fun to have this as a bit of a series that I use to post weekly, depending on the engagement I get in it. I enjoy posting and engaging with people, with the engagement being one of the best parts of it!

This Week's Choice: Classic Country

I think that I will try to confine the post to be 2 or 3 songs of the particular topic to keep it shorter and so that people can listen to one or all of the songs without taking too much time! Depending on the topic though it might get more than that if I’m passionate about it!
This past week I decided to spice up my musical interests a bit after the previous Music Monday, I’ve been listening to a significant amount of electronic music, for good reason of course, but that’s led me to not check out other things I’m interested in. I’ve loved artists like Johnny Cash for many years so I figured I would go down that route for my Pandora pick and see where it led me. I got some awesome classics on the station so give one or all of them a listen! I think these are all solid choices so please let me know what you think.

Way more important to me though, is sharing a song with me! It doesn't have to be anything related at all to what my choices are but I would love for you to share a song or two with me!

Johnny Cash - The Wanderer

Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

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Nice picks man! I'm not a big country guy, I know that's real cliche to say but up here in vermont its a little less "cliche" and more when you here it, you think of coworkers who scream racial slurs and constantly say demeaning things about women. BUT, I really enjoyed these songs! Who doesn't love Cash?

I've got one for the country category. It's pretty dark, not for the family, but I guess that's why I always liked it. Don't remember where I heard it originally it was so long ago, but it was always that country song I played in high school to rub people the wrong way (I was a bit odd. They called me "dirt boy" hahahahah). Anyways, it took me a minute to remember the name but here ya go!

Thanks for checking it out man! Some crazy music you got there hahaha but some music ends up being that way. Not sure if the person who wrote that was committed for an evaluation or something but damn it's dark lol. Killing all kinds of stuff! Certainly not the song to listen to with others around lol. I was a little upset when he said he woke up with his hands around his sons neck. Some crazy shit lol

I've listened to some really crazy stuff in my life, some I'm not even going to share here at all. Two songs come to mind for that but it was more of a joke that a friend found back when searching the internet brought all kinds of crazy stuff lol.

I'm not a huge country person myself either, I like Cash and some of those older guys but some of the new music is pretty lame and not really the same caliber as that stuff is. Hopefully we can turn a new leaf with this music nowadays because so much of it is garbage. I'm not a music snob but it's just shit, can't understand the things they are saying and the chorus is repeated a million times, a few filler words and lots of auto tuning until the song ends. People like Cash and Sinatra sang music, these songs nowadays are just nails on a chalkboard for me.

Rant over hahah

Hahahah yeah I have some pretty weird/crazy music in my collection. And some really dark music too. I think I may have actually heard that song working in a kitchen. That's where you hear a lot of music that shouldn't be listened to around others haha. Or, maybe I just remember that from myself being the weirdo who played it.

Yeah there's a lot of really bad music out there right now. There's some good stuff too, but it's pretty obscure and difficult to find and usually confined to select genres. I feel like we might have some good music coming out in the near future considering the weird times we've living in. Hard times usually produces good art.

On my last country note- I worked with a guy for 50-60 hours a week for about a year who would listen to the local country station exclusively and he owned the jobsite radio so there wasn't much arguing about it. It was the same 6 or 7 garbage songs on repeat with an occasional random one thrown in. All week long. For a year. I don't think I'll ever be able to give modern country a shot after that.. not that I imagine I'd enjoy it regardless however haha

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My my, there's a lot of gold around here. Thanks for your showing me these gems!

For sure man! They are some fantastic songs. I'm particularly fond of Johnny Cash because of his deep list of songs but they are all great! The wanderer song from cash hits a personal note that is somber for me, even though I don't think I've had an experience that warrants it, it just gets you somewhere deep, you know?

Appreciate you stopping by my friend!

Yeah I was posting in that one weekly for a while but it gets so big that I felt my music was getting lost in the shuffle lol. It was cool though, can’t listen to all of it! I enjoyed a lot of the songs that were shared in it for sure.

Ah good to get the music going on Mondays again.

I will bet this is as deep a track as there is and nobody here can claim to have even heard of the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.

You are WELCOME and WELCOME back!


Hahaha yeah that's for sure, I've never heard of psychedelic porn crumpets but shit that's an awesome name! Lol.

The first part of their music sounded like a bit of Offspring which was cool and then I got a bit of a Coldplay vibe from the singer. I like the band dude! I'm going to listen to the full length video tomorrow while I'm working to appreciate the whole thing! I wish the person on the audio side would have increased the singers mic volume a bit it was hard to hear him or listen to him sing. All good though, I can still appreciate the music!

Yah thats the beauty of live music. The inconsistencies and raw humanity makes it organic. Their studio albums are on youtube and I would encourage you to check 'em out.

Starts out stoner rocky then slides closer to Radio Head to start.

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