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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm getting back to sharing some music, let’s get into it!


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Music Monday

I had used a different series for the music posts, Saturday Night Sounds, but that wasn't entirely popular and I think it got confused a bit with the name that someone finally told me about lol.

Music is one of my favorite things to relax to, as many people can also probably have similar experiences. My musical tastes are incredibly diverse, I think. I can enjoy some really heavy gangster rap (not the radio trash), some metal, country, classical and so many others in between.

One of the coolest things about music is that all of the different kinds have their unique qualities to them and reasons that we listen to them. Some are more chill, others are upbeat and getting you motivated.

This Week's Choice: American Rock

I think that I will try to confine the post to be 2 or 3 songs of the particular topic to keep it shorter and so that people can listen to one or all of the songs without taking too much time!

Switching it up a bit this week, going with some more music I've been hearing on the radio but not of a particular genre specifically other than it's American. These are some great songs but they span different areas! I learned that John Mayer is pretty local for me, born and grew up in Connecticut so that was cool. I've liked his sound but didn't hear him too often except lately. Decided to give it a shot!

Way more important to me though, is sharing a song with me! It doesn't have to be anything related at all to what my choices are but I would love for you to share a song or two with me!

Peach Tree Rascals - Mariposa

Milky Chance - Colorado

John Mayer - Last Train Home

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Nice one, I like John Mayer, so any of his songs are always a winner... That Milky Chance number is catchy as fuck 👌

Here's one for you:

Hell yes. We saw him perform with the Grateful Dead about five years ago in Mtn View, Ca. 👊🏼

That song was tough to follow, he's got an intense Jamaican dialect? I could only catch like 1 out of every 10 words those guys were saying lol. Good for them though, seems like it was produced locally for them.

The milky chance track is awesome! I heard it once and didn't love it too much but the more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it! It's definitely one of my favorite new songs.

I just recently started to like John Mayer but will definitely spend more time getting into his older music! I really enjoy his sound.

Appreciate you dropping by man!

Ha haha, I haven't a feckin breeze half of what he's saying either 😅🤣

I just like the tempo and bass in the song, something about it is just spot on, but not everyone's cup of tea.

I've really varied taste in music to ve honest, so could be listening to pretty much any genre!

Lol true. If you are into beats check this guy out! He's got some awesome beats to a lot of his songs. I've gone down many holes with his songs and I like so many!

Andre Nickatina- peanut butter breakdown.

You could say beats!! Quality, I have a 2.5 hour trip to work tomorrow morning, well give this guy a whirl... Cheers 🎼


Great songs I recommend:
Baking soda in Minnesota
I’m a Pisces
Cobra status
Killer whale
Smoke dope and rap
Situation critical
Crack raider razor

There’s so many awesome ones lol

Nice one, ended up listening to most of these... Jungle was my favourite from the ones I listened to and really like P-Nut butter breakdown that you first shared too.. The beats are just feckin class...

That's awesome! Jungle is definitely my favorite song of his. There are lots of others as well. @dandays we might have another Dre Dog fan here! LOL

Nicky is from Cali, LA I think or San Fran, as is DanDays!

Wassup man? I'm back. Ok so I set a pin, fingerprint, that stuff. Will I have posting options or something if I enter my keys in Manage Keys? This is all I get when I click those three dots.

Thank you.


Nice! Yeah click the manage keys area then add each of the keys it asks for. I have them all placed. I think it’s a plus sign to add the key.

Obviously this isn’t my private key but you should see this once you enter it.