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RE: Pearl Jam - Three Tune Tuesday - Song Recommendations Week 15 🗣🎶

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I hear ya mate!

My goodness!! Depends what kinda stuff you are after?

Rock / Metal

Just rediscovered Devin Townsend, I used to be a total fanboy but I think I overdid it so taken a year out and then just plonk this album back on, its one of my favourites, sonically beautiful - but just a snapshot in to the crazy world of ol' Dev.. Epicloud..

Devin Townsend - Epicloud! - unless its an album about an alien in search of the ultimate cup of coffee via metal opera.. I can help you there too..


Porter Robinson - Worlds

A STUNNING piece of production. Think of it as a chiptune computer fantasy with hints of m83 via Japan.. I play the whole thing from start to finish whilst driving, and it will take you to,,, another world.

Porter Robinson - Worlds

UK style

Another favourite album is (although 20 odd years old now) Fatboy Slim - half way between the gutter and the stars. An incredible follow up to 'you've come a long way baby' - but better in my eyes. More curated and whats beautiful is, the album starts and finishes with the same little piano riff, so in theory, you could listen to this album seamlessly on loop. Genius. Such an array of emotions too here. Damn thing made me burst into tears whilst driving home a couple of months ago, the girlfriend was surprised.

Please Enjoy... please be aware second track contains swears.

FatBoy Slim

Otherworldly Prog Metal.

Had to slip this one in... Atoma - my favourite band NO ONE has heard of. Had one album out, and then I think vanished. But the sound they create is phenomenal. Prepare to be blown away. Even the softer tracks like Saturn and I are masterful..


Sorry, i've gone on a bit, and got a bit excited. I just love music.

Enjoy and all the best!


Dude, that's unreal. I've dipped into a bit of the Devin Townsend and Peter Robinson and I'm well impressed. Had not heard of either previously... Going to give that Fatboy Slim album a whirl now and see what I think 🤘🎼

Thanks a lot for the recommendations.