Live Jazzy HipHop DJ Jam

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Hello Hivean frens,

I would like to take you closer to my DJ side live in action, this is a small cut as Im testing it out and if it gets liked by the community and I will start doing more and longer sessions of and host it on 3Speak, also at some point I would like to involve the community to vote on what style of music they would like me to cut a DJ miis set, this one is exclusive 90´s Hip Hop remixes from my hidden collection, I hope you enjoy it.

If you like what you hear and these mixes help you thru your days you can make a monetary contribution by leaving a comment or upvoting this post if you like it!

Look forward to hearing your feedback and comments, Happy Listening!

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Of course people are going to like the best guy in the business!

Ladies and gents, learn some with my boy!

mah brotha from anotha! much luv so great to be back and see yall still holding it down 🙌

mate you just inspired me to record myself and my friends in action. great idea for bedroom and emerging artists !

im not a rapboy but i like that tune

Totally! nothing is more fun then capturing that moment u jamming in action bedroom or balcony or whatever haha do it! look forward to see yall jamming it up

hey bro

what if I put italian romantic words on this master peace in order to welcome the light of peace and happyness into this world?

Lorenzo! Salute frero if its inspiring u go for it but its not my music I just mixed it

Nice my man! Love the Camp Lo-Sample u scratch, but would prefer to see
those scratches done with real vinyl (control)...😉

kudos on the feedback, unfort .I had to sell my technics at start of Pandemic and I got a controller instread and I got 2 x Portables 1 Numark PT1 and another new one Omni which im using for mobile scratch session and soon will be sharing more videos on that.

Fully agree nothing the real wheelz o steelz but sometimes u gotta do wut u gotta do ;)

Oh man, that hurts... but you got some nice upvotes (+Hive going up) & soon you buy new TT😉.
Scratch skillz are definitely still there!

word is bond, yes, yes and yes Im aiming to buy new turntables for 2022 and finally resetup m home studio and get it up and running for running proper live streams and other cool thins I been cooking, Kudos on the support b!

That's the spirit, my man, sounds awesome! 😉 💪
You got my support.🤛

Kudos mah G! 🙌

 7 days ago  
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Kudos on the support, def will check u guys on Discord. Salute!