Back 2 Back Portablist DJ Jam

in Music7 months ago

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Welcoming 2024 with more jam and practise videos and wishing all Hivean community a happy New Year🥳

DJ's jam is a very important aspect for DJ's to experiment, vibe of each other energies, share knowledge and unlock new DJ skills.

So if you ever feel stuck or demotivated check if there is any DJ's jams or meet ups happening in your city and show up cause it's def fun and worth it 💯🎧🫡

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Happy New Year, Bro! Keep on scratchin' @djlethalskillz ! 🎧
I will go out more again in 2024 and connect with real people/DJs/Artists...
Bless Up 🤛

Yoo Luca! HNY bruv, thats wussup! Keep rockin it LFG! 💪

Yeah! LFG, Bro! 🤛 😜