Nice cuts sir! I really like that table but with 2 custom Numark PT01 scratches, I can't justify buying another one, lol.

Completely understand what you're saying! I've become quite hooked on gathering these portable devices. I currently have two modded PT1s and two modded Omnis, and I've decided to call it quits at that. However, the Omni truly offers a distinct and superior experience, with better overall quality in my opinion. I've compared it with other brands, and the difference is noticeable.

Yeah, been looking at the Omni's but that new Stanton was drawing my eye too. But I need way too many other things right now, lol.

I tried the Stanton to be honest all fees like Toys are us for me in comparison to the Omni lol but I dig the internal record feature in the portable itself apart from that mehhh...

Good to know, it seems to be just an upgraded version of the PT01.

check this out

That comparison helps a ton, thanks!