No rules applies; Just the inner Feelings

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It has been way too long I've written something about music. I guess all the other HIVE activities including some undefined forces to push me into spending quality time on engaging, takes all the time away to turn several of the topics (I come across every single day) into a post suitable enough for you the read.

But tonight I couldn't resist. While in an ad's break watching the movie 'Pan', I came across a little video (shared below) featuring maybe my most favourite artist amongst the entire electronic music segment of things. 'Pan' could do without me. Time for some serious writing!

The video

"Steve Rachmad at Tech Talk by Electronic Beats"

Though I was already expecting studio nerd talk of which I hardly understand anything, I had to watch. And indeed, if you will hit the play button, you'll find out it's a lot about the equipment he has. But also how he makes his music, which was the more interesting part for me.

The key take away: In the Past everything was Better {LOL}

Take 2: Bit more Serious edje!

Hardware is beter then digital for music production. And earlier generations are better than the more recent generations.

Take 1: Another Key take away

The best music comes from the emotions. No rules applies, just the inner feelings.

Ok ok :) He didn't say it like this. The video will give you the source, not the translator I'm trying to be

Keep in mind this guy has about 40 years experience in creating music. He is someone who hears music in everything. Inspiration sources enough. I would definitely follow his advise, when I would be able to make music... But I guess, I'm not an artist enough to even want to try.

euhm: about trying?...

Nope, not gonna try, anytime soon. Who knows, maybe a little less soon is possible? When the crypto universe breaks down and falls apart? Will have loads of time then :)


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This video is badass. Making me feel like a dummy for not integrating my outboard mixing stuff into my live rig but it’s all been such a clusterf$ck since the pandemic shut the studio down I hadn’t even considered it. Inspiring!

Always time to learn something new... But this guy is professional all his life (well, almost whole is life, I think he didn't mix music when he was like 5 years old, it only happened a little later than that) hahaha

The best music comes from emotions. )) I agree completely, only their emotions are not only the Author, but also the listener. In Russia, they say "Every vegetable has its own time" ... If something ever touches you, it will stay with you forever .. But the next generations that have passed "time and place" will already pass by, they have " own music "

You made a very good point. In the end art is all about emotions, timing and how susceptible the listener is the moment he/she hears something.

Added to that, in live performances there is the direct interaction going between the performer and the audience. Interestingly, when I talk with my DJ friends, we from time to time talk about what the DJ should do: Play his/her own music for the gig, or adjust to what the audience gets exited about. A very difficult question since when going for the later it basically means the artists is not following his own emotions/feeling/art and may become more an entertainer than an artist. Though when sticking to the roots, play whatever the artist (DJ) wants, the audience may not be happy at all while they payed for a good night out.

"They can become artists, not artists")) Perfectly worded ... this is exactly what happens to most musicians of all styles, when it is more comfortable and profitable for them to simply perform their popular works than create new ones) But they will no longer be Great, this is the lot of Creators who are constantly in search of themselves in Music

Money speaks often; Unfortunately

Ok, I hit the play button :-) and watched this super interesting guy! Wow.

Yes, first intuition and emotions move him the best, apart all that equipment and knowledge!

P.S. please don't wish that crypto universe falls apart hehehe 🙏

Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it 👌

Owww cool you did and spend 7+ minutes of your live watching this little interview.
Yea, I suppose for any art, it's about emotions. When the emotions are not put into the art, I think its difficult for the receiver of the art to 'feel' the art as well. I suppose this makes the difference between true artists and those who want to become an artist but they may not be one from within.

please don't wish that crypto universe falls apart hehehe

I dont want that to happen any time soon! Like this space too much :)

I enjoyed it 👌

Super! Thanks for your feedback :)

Owww cool you did and spend 7+ minutes of your live watching this little interview.

Yes, and I don't regret. :-) I like even the way he speaks and the colour of his voice while talking 🤩😎

Absolutely, can't agree more 😍

I envious of persons with such talent although I believe there is also a shyte load of dedication involved!!

The dedication for this guys comes natural. He lives music. I suppose, music is still mostly a hobby for him, or at least, most of what he needs to do feels not like a burden at all, but quite to opposite.

Amazing talk and amazing stuff! Its dream!

Absolutely! 🎶🙃

Thats a pretty short response and leaves me with a feel of mystery :) Is this ')' a smiley?

This is an endorsement)

Super 😉 Thanks 🙂

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WOW, those teams are really spectacular, I dream of at least having a console to mix like the one in the video. Regards.

one day you'll have one, am pretty sure about that! 🙂