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RE: Hive Open Mic Week 84 - Seis figureao (Cover)

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Ok, wow... This is very difficult to sing in "canon" like this, responsorial style as your called it, I wonder how many times you had to restart, it's perfect! And it's also 6 minutes, if you make a mistake at the 4th minute mark, you have to redo the whole thing!
Really amazing! Good job!

 6 months ago  

Hahaha, you know, this type of music I've listened to all my life and for that reason, it's in my head and I don't have to make a big effort. Indeed I did only two takes, the first one my brain got blank and I couldn't remember any lyrics... And the second one is up here. 😉

Thank you so much, my friend!

Alright, even more impressive now! And this guy is so humble haha.