One Night Stand - Ed Privat (Acoustic Live)

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Wut up people of Hive!

It's Ed, live from right in the middle of nature, for a performance of my song "One Night Stand" from my album Aimée.
Here is the album version:

The song was a little bit of a joke at first, I wanted to go the opposite direction of your classic soul music, where the protagonist try to get laid on the first night.
So I asked the question: "What if we don't get laid tonight?"

Because we all know, that, we, men, are all the same, and i've actually never heard a story of a dude, saying to a girl "Not tonight honey".

If it happened to you, please tell us your story in the comments section, as you are one of a kind.

But the song, really bring another question: "People are still interested in real, connexions?"
I am kind of an hermit, and happily married, but I've observed the next generation on Tiktok, a little bit like a foreing species, and I wonder if they will ever find love, content, at peace, or will just consume each others like we do with everything else in this society?

Cheers everyone!


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Hi edprivat,

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@curie's curation always feels like a cool breeze in the middle of summer 🙃 😁

Take care!

If a dude rolls through here claiming he says not tonight, shoot me a line. I've always wanted to try out this downvote button.

I don't think he is born yet, or came to full maturity. Wait for that next generation to come; they might all say "Not tonight" and "change my diaper".

People are still interested in real, connexions?

What is real? :D

I hope that yes. Maybe the tools to meet have changed a bit, and sometimes the way how people get in touch is different now then 20 or 30 years ago, but connections still happen, right? Also, I try not to classify the behaviours through generations, not to widen more the generation gap between me and my son... actually, I think this kind of "no understanding" to new generations goes back far into the past. Though, maybe I am wrong.

So, how's the family? chickens? the singing rooster? :)

Alright, let's get metaphysical!!!

I believe that the next gen, will be swiping left and right, to find love. By this, I mean that they have applications to find each other, and consume each other, sometimes for a short period of time, and it's a reflection of today's society.

The previous generation was married to their job also, and we learnt how to be more flexible, multitask, and most importantly not staying in the same job for our entire life like our parents.

I can see that pattern intensify, and humanity is struggling to stay focused, maintain their attention on one person. Of course, I agree with what you say, we always tend to criticize the next gen, but there is also evidences of a behavioural change in recent years.

So, how's the family? chickens? the singing rooster? :)

The chicken are fantastic, I want 3 more, so we can have just the right amount of eggs daily!!! THe kids awesome too, we are homeschooling, so we got back to school today, we only took a month off! And how about you, how is the family, how is work, holidays?

maintain their attention on one person.

Although, there is true in everything you said, especially liked your thought that pattern intensifies, however, this general problem of attention on one person has been present always. We would not see examples even in the bible if it wasn't a thing then too. Just personal attitude and choice counts, and I am sure you will show your children a great example. That matters only! 😇

Happy for you chicken gang :) and that family is awesome 😍 . I am still on vacations, until September I am basically free, no work, concerts, anything. Will pass through your country in some weeks again, before get back to Spain 😎

Just personal attitude and choice counts, and I am sure you will show your children a great example. That matters only! 😇

Hahah you are one of the good ones ❤️

Will pass through your country in some weeks again, before get back to Spain 😎

Which town do you cross?

South of France, so the route from Italy (by Niza, Frejus, Aix-en-Provence (probably sleep there) Nimes and then to the south - Montpellier, Narbona until Perpiñan.
Are you somewhere nearby...? If I recall well, not so close to those cities, right?

Yes it's a bit far from us, wow you are indeed touring all around !!! Have a safe journey, and enjoy the ride ^^

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That so dooooooooope!

Thanks so much guys ❤️

Love to hear you sing my friend, this was beautiful xxx

Thanks so so so so so much @trucklife-family, it made my evening 😃 😊

My goodness Ed, that was awesome. You have such a cool persona when you perform.
It's funny, my daughter is getting married soon and I am so pleased she found such a solid guy. But she didn't have it easy. She was with another fella for 4 plus years, we didn't like him very much, he was always so wishy washy when it came to real commitment. They split up, he jumped into another woman's arms, had a child with her, still no commitment. He's also a gambler. Nope, glad she dodged that bullet.
Yep times they are a changin'
have a great day my friend

Thank you so much @farm-mom!

It's kind of always like a box of chocolate, dating, isn't it? I have to admit, I am not looking forward to see my kids dating, let's hope they find decent people, I know they still exist out there!

Everything becomes easy once you find the right person. I can't imagine how many times parents hated me, breaking their daughter's heart in pieces(and vice versa).

HAve a great evening!!!

Wonderful performance. To be able to accomplish this while doing so in the middle of nowhere has got to evoke a special feeling of peacefulness.

Well, I have to admit I used those exact words just last night, not tonight honey.

Now before @dandays hits his downvote button, let me explain.
I had been outside early yesterday morning hobbitizing and did so until almost 6:00 pm that evening. When I finally called it quits, I was totally exhausted and when @farm-mom asked me if I wanted to take a stroll around the property, my reply was, not tonight honey.

Where is it?? I know it's around here somewhere, anyone?! It shouldn't be so difficult to find a downvote button.

You guys crack me up.

@dandays!!! We found him!!!

(start throwing rocks) Ohh... wait... take a stroll around the property is a code word for something else in your area?

Your watch to guard the perimeter. Am I in the right hemisphere?

So you figured it out @edprivat.