Son Of Ugly - A Shameless Plug

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Today I thought I would enter #threetunestuesday organised by @ablaze I think it's week 73 but I may be wrong, hopefully someone will tell me.

As an old bloke who was brought up on 1970s prog-rock, I thought that I would share with you some tracks from my son in law's band Son Of Ugly. I admit, this is a shameless plug for his band, but hopefully not outside of the rules.

Now, to be honest my son in law won't appreciate me associating his bands music with prog-rock, he would prefer to call it film or movie music. But I can hear so many elements of the prog-rock that I used to listen to in it that I can't help but associate it with it. Maybe a better way to classify it would be modern prog-rock. I don't know, he probably still wouldn't agree with me on that either.

Son Of Ugly are based in the Brighton area of south east of England. There music is all instrumental and is based on high quality musicianship. Like some of the old style prog-rock, the tracks can be quite complicated. But really it's impossible to describe music, it's much better to listen to it and make up your own mind. So I have chosen three of my favourite tracks to share with you.

You can find out more about Son Of Ugly on their website, Facebook page or on Spotify

 3 months ago  

Ya man, that's the stuff @kaazoom, great to hear your son-in-laws tunes and an actual fact I much prefer videos/songs like this with 102 views than ones with 1 billion views. You brought us something original and I must say the lads are good too, quite a lot going on in some of the songs, but I get the feeling they really like what they do and don't give too much a fuck what people think, this is their art, if you like it great, if not, jog on.... Well done to them though, I certainly enjoyed the little musical journey I took with them for the last 10 minutes or so..

Thank you. That is very much their attitude to their music.


I think they're pretty good too. Thank you for stopping by.

Nothing wrong with a shameless plug!
The last song with them playing live had a bit of everything and around the 3 minute mark reminded me of some Spanish music too.

They are quite experimental and don't mind what influences they use. My son in law, Kyle, who does a lot of the writing and plays keyboard, listens to all sorts of music. He even likes stuff my parents used to like and I used to cringe at. I think they are open to all sorts of styles.

That is great, there are so many influences in music.
Kyle sounds cool if he appreciates all sorts of musical genres!

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