Original Country Folk Music Performance - Use The Demon

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Greetings Hive/3speak!!!
This is a tune I wrote, recorded, and released near the end of 2019 as a single. Go have a listen to it and enjoy!!!

If you're all alone and stoned use the demon
If your heart has turned to stone use the demon
If you're in a world of make believe
that your eye just can't perceive
Don't get your panties in a twist
just let that demon scratch your itch
When your world is growing dark use the demon
If the light is in your heart use the demon

(Unsupported https://lbry.tv/$/embed/Morktra---New-Years-Eve-Performance-From-Home-Studio/ecb26a029dd077b6712f1b6b9a42a1b98fa447ec?r=63x6MaYpEa4DdYuhPMAHiKFcLNZ8TKd3)

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