Morktra - Cover Of My Dying Bride's "My Wine In Silence"

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Greetings Hive!!!

This is a cover of a break up song, blackened death metal style...Boy, relationships are hard.



Where are you now my love?
My sweet one
Where have you gone oh my love?
I'm so alone
I only think of you
And it drives me down
I only dream of you
Come here
My lover
I'll keep you
I will change you
Come here
My slave
You will live
My lover
With you
I'm gone
At last
I'll come to you, take my hand
Hold me again, please take my hand
Who are you?
What were you?
My beauty
I can't tell
How I feel
How I felt
You have paid
For your
With You
I'm done
At last
Please hold me now my love
Where are you now?, oh my sweet love

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