Prelude in D Minor | Bachmanía

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"Bachmanía" es un segmento dedicado a promover y dar a conocer la obra musical de Johann Sebástian Bach (1685-1750). Esta semana interpreto "Prelude in D Minor" del "Little Clavier Book for W. F. Bach".

"Bachmanía" is a segment dedicated to promoting and making known the musical work of Johann Sebástian Bach (1685-1750). This week I perform "Prelude in D Minor" from the "Little Clavier Book for W. F. Bach".








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Bach is one of my absolute favorite composers.

Put up this trippy poster in the studio:
Alex Roruke with Bach.jpeg

I love Bach! That poster is great! hehehe I love it, where do I get it !?

I bought this piece from an artist named Murray Eisner. His website has been taken and his Twitter account has been inactive since 2016. I'm trying to see if he's around but it may very well be that he's passed. :(

Oh, how sad ... in his art he will always be alive :) I see many references of him on the internet, his works were known, what he did is interesting ...