A Bit of Breakbeat...?

in Music2 months ago


Sure, why not?

Believe it or not, I don't listen to drum & bass aaaall the time! There's actually a period of about 4 minutes each day when I try to listen to other things but... yeah... too slow haha!

However, when I've managed to get in to a slightly slower heart rate, making music at this "bullet time" speed seemed to provide some joy!

If you heard the tune yesterday, it's not dnb but a half-speed version called drumstep.

Today though, we're changing the tempo to about 140 BPM as I just throw myself into an attempt at breakbeat.

I'm not too opposed to breakbeat style actually - it's a pretty cool genre, always reminds me of breakdancing and some funky beats from Freestylers.

My first attempt at breakbeat came in the form of the unimaginatively titled "Break the Beat" which featured on an EP called "Out of Our Comfort Zone" which I did with Bufinjer as we tried out different things.

Armed with nothing but a Galaxy Notebook that ran Vista (yuck), this is what I came up with! I didn't even have a mouse, can you imagine the pain lol...


nope only DNB allowed here....

Too right!

come round here with your break beats......what has happened to you? Do we need to organise an intervention?

I like it, sounds nice and cruisy XD

aside from the skippy bits which were a bit jarring

Having used a tablet exclusively for a period of time because I didn't have a mouse (just didn't get around to replacing the one that had died because the tablet was fine for the most part), I find using a mouse painful but not having anything at all would be infinitely worse. Especially when trying to do anything XD

Hehe thanks mate! Yeah agree with the skippy bits too, it was a journey in to experimentation and probably went a little over board with the rhythms 😃

Haha, agree, not having anything would be a sad state of affairs! You're more modern than me, I am pretty useless with a tablet! I prefer the more tactile keyboard and mouse for sure!

I just realised it might not have been completely clear it was a drawing tablet (Wacom Cintiq to be precise) not a tablet tablet (like iPad) ^_^; I couldn't do anything on a small form x_x

Aha! That makes more sense now! A dedicated drawing tablet does sound pretty cool though! Agree with you, I struggle on the smaller screens these days, put it down to getting old lol

The only struggle I have with smaller screens is that my usual workflows (which are based off Blender or Krita) don't work on them and equivalent/adjacent apps are way more effort to workflow than I want to put in otherwise my travel kit would have been an iPad Pro rather than a MacBook (I always get the small Cintiqs so I can lug them around easily with me, if I ever win lotto I would get a big Cintiq to use as a third screen XD and also I think Apple really dropped the ball and lost a great opportunity with the iPad Pros).

Do you have similar struggles? :D

I can imagine that being a source of frustration for sure! I do prefer the bigger screens like you but having a large screened laptop becomes cumbersome to carry around so I tend to just stick to my desktop. Winning the lottery though would sure help being able to get the necessary upgrades to the gear we need! We can hope!