Always Time For Drum & Bass 😛

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After an intervention from @stickupcurator yesterday, I've come to my senses and we're back on the Drum & Bass gravy train.

I really don't know what came over me, posting breakbeat? Dafuq!


Anyway, after fumbling around my YouTube channel, I found a track that I've not done a "video" of per se. Rather, when we distribute tracks through our EAR label, they get automatically published on to our respective YouTube channels.

However, they don't allow comments on these auto-videos so it's a bit weird but I found a tune I completed earlier in the year called Life on Mars, which was actually only my 2nd drum & bass track I ever started back in 2010 - it just took 12 years to finish lol.

What was pretty random but at the same time, really cool, was that this one has clocked over 1,300 views! It must have tapped in to some sweet YT algorithm but I'll take it!

A bit of a darker tune to this one, maybe people just like the darker side or perhaps the "Life on Mars" is a popular search and I managed to convert a few to drum & bass haha!

Now there's a thought 🤔

Hope you enjoy this one!


Drum and Bass is one the happiest and technical best man made genre ever in electronic music, my friend @nickyhavey. Lovely memories has come to me by reading your post. Specially from the middle 2000's. Best regards for you. Hope you can read my Ozzy's Osbourne post later. It will be able in a few hours.

I have to agree with you about your Drum & Bass assessment my man! The mid-2000s is my favourite period of dnb, particularly the liquid funk scene, damn there was some mighty fine tunes at that period. I feel like I need to do a few mixes from tunes in that period - got any favourites??

My absolute favourite DnB artists is Pendulum. Unique as f.

Oh yeah! Tarantula and Vault are some of my favourites from way back! Plenty of bangers since then though 🔥

Precisely, dude!

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great bro - with these sounds i am happy to move to Mars

Haha! Yeah man! I reckon those martians will be in to their raves! Can imagine they have some great underground parties to keep themselves warm from the semi-frozen surface!



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