New Drum & Bass - Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird of Prey) - Nicky Havey remix

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I mentioned yesterday that I was in the mood to remix some tunes from the 90s and although this one was released in 2000, I did first hear it in 1999 so it still counts :P

This tune helped get me through a few rough moments in life and it was about time I tried to remix it and share what I've created as a tribute to the original from Mr Cook!

Plus the video of the original looks like it was a lot of fun, although the description of it from Norman himself understates, "the video features a fighter pilot jet who consumes a substance, takes off and proceeds to jump out of the plane"...

The vocal sample is from Jim Morrison's vocals from the Door's "Bird of Prey" and I managed to find the acapella of this legend's singing to feature in the remix.

As the chord sequence is not too complex, I recreated them in FL Studio by layering a few space sounding pads to keep as true to the original as possible.

Then I used a couple of additional arpeggiators to provide the rapid rhythm of the bassline - the only other sample I used from Sunset was in the build up to the drop which was about a 2 second clip.

@nicklewis - you might be interested in this one :)

So here's the rough work in progress so far - using up my last 3 minutes on Soundcloud for the cause!



Wicked remix Nicky, I love this tune, big fan of the Doors, so this was a real hit with me when it came out and you have done an awesome job remixing it. Had me up dancing again xxxxx

Thanks a lot Aishlinn, really pleased to hear it's resonated with you being a fan of the Doors :)

Niiiiiice, that’s coming along good mate. I love Arps, use them a lot in my own music.

The 90s was such a great era, my college days at the start and lots of clubbing from Reading to Guildford to London. Dance music festivals etc. those were the days!

Thanks for giving it a listen mate! I try not to use the arp too much but for some of the high energy remixes or tunes, it's a must and for Sunset, the original has something similar so had to keep it going.

The 90s were brilliant, sounds like you made the most of them! Wish I was able to go to some of the raves and clubs back then. Managed to go to a few in the 2010s like Global Gathering and Hospitality nights out but the 2004-2009 era of dnb was my jam!

2004 rings bells. We were on a trip down to the south of France. A good friend of ours and his family have French connections and often borrowed a Villa in Provence right on the Mediterranean coast. Tina and I joined them a few times on this trip but this was the first time Tina had come along, we’d only met two years before (now married 15 years!). Music featured heavily as my mate Marc is a DJ and another friend of ours joined us on this trip. Lawrence. He introduced me to LTJ Bukem and the world of jazzy DNB.I can remember the three of us in one of the convoy of cars heading south enjoying Lawrence’s CD collection. He practically DJed as Marc and I shared the driving overnight.

This was more a post than a comment sorry!!

Haha, that's a great memory and awesome roadtrip! Sounds like Marc & Lawrence know their stuff when it comes to introducing people to DnB!

My first CD comp/mix was from Hospital Records and loved the vibe of the liquid funk/jazz fused dnb that came on that mix. So uplifting, think I rinsed that CD many times!

Hospital Records, I remember them. I have such strong happy memories of those holidays in Le Brusc that there are certain tracks which trigger them off all over again. Can’t beat this holiday albums. Not so easy now as we don’t listen to albums as such.

Never went to a rave. I nearly did but went on a holiday to Portugal instead which instantly became my favourite destination and an annual thing from that point.

To be fair, Portugal does sound like a better shout although if there are beach raves, that would be a perfect scenario!

Beach parties. Quite likely. Albufeira probably. Or Cascais near Lisbon.

Brixton’s The Fridge was great and so was Mr C’s club (yes The Shamen!)

Ah the Shamen! My two favourites are their two most commercial ones actually, Ebeneezer Goode and Move Any Mountain - saw Ebeneezer Goode video recently as it was on that BBC TOTP 92 episode, brilliant!

I looked up the name of the club as I couldn’t remember it’s name when I mentioned this the other day. How could I forget, it was “The End” located in Bloomsbury, London. I can remember it being absolutely phenomenal and the DJs there were a cut above anyone else I’d come across in towns out of London. Quite often they mixed records with live instruments, live looping and that sort of thing. Blew my mind.