Restarting Daily Drum & Bass Tunes Or...

in Music2 months ago least I'll try!

After catching up with @fionasfavourites mid week, she encouraged me to blow the dust off this semi-abandoned Hive blog to post a little more on here and share some tunes.

I haven't been feeling all that positive over the last 6 months, and that's not because of the markets crashing! We've had a few shocks in the offline life that have turned things on its head and I've had to realign my focuses elsewhere.

We adjust, take the time we need and pick ourselves up again.

Music has always been there in the background though as I've been chipping away at various projects, using it to help get through.

And so I'll be taking a few minutes each day to share my tracks again with you who've supported me over the years since I've been posting here, hoping to provide some minutes of escape - thanks you legends!

Today's share is my most recent release called Forest Cry which is a gentle, liquid drum & bass tune with a chilled out melody.

There's no real story behind this one, it just came about as I was playing with some of the synths on the music software, one was called Forest Cry, I started tweaking parameters and it turned into something!

Hope you enjoy and take it easy :)


NH! So glad to hear @fionasfavourites gave you a good nudge (it's one of her many and that you'll be hanging around more. Sorry to hear you've had a rough go of it lately and as always, sending loads of good vibes your way, dear friend.

good juju.gif

(bet you thought I'd share the other version of that... 😂)

Haha, it really is a superpower!

Thanks for bringing the wickedawesomesauce juju TY! Hope you're doing great!

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I think you might find this is a kinder place that it used to be. I don't think I'm alone in saying:


Thanks FiFi! I see your gif game has improved, probably thanks to that wild @traciyork character lol!

That and years of practise.


All I will say is... keep practicing... AHEM 😃