Weekend Chilled Drum & Bass - Last Straw

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I've had this tune on my mind a lot recently from dBridge and Steve Spacek called "Last Straw". I first heard it on a Zero Tolerance radio mix from the mid 2000s and went on a hunt for it that year.

This is a smooth liquid tune sampling some strings with a beautiful subtle bassline - I wish I could produce something as sweet as this!

The vocals from Steve are effective at soothing the soul.

Last Straw was released on Exit Records in 2007 and it was one of those tunes that helped get me through a few mental battles, still does actually!

I can't believe I haven't featured it on any DJ mixes I've done so that's going to be the first thing I'll correct when I get back in to mixing again for sure!

For me, it's what that era of liquid drum & bass was all about, simple beats that just flow to dance or chill out to.

Well, I'll be chilling out to this one - hope you will do too and shouts to the producers on this one!


This piece of music reminded me of a trip I made to the Venezuelan delta. I was looking out the window, the air was heavy, humid. Suddenly, we stopped at a pump to get gas. There was a man with no legs sitting in a wheelchair and next to him a dog, skinny and without a leg. We pumped gas, gave the old man some money and continued our trip. That image is still clear in my mind. I remembered it with your piece of music. Thank you for sharing this material. Excellent piece of music.

That's so cool that this track took you back to that memory! Thanks for sharing and very generous of you to help the man and his dog.

It's not my tune though, it's from dBridge and Simon Spacek. dBridge is still releasing music on the Exit Records but I do agree with you that it is an excellent piece of music :)

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