My first finished piano composition (written for my mother)

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It was almost exactly two months ago when we bought a piano and I described for you in this post my enormous excitement at being re-united with this instrument after around 30 years away from it.

Needless to say I have been tapping at the notes a fair bit since then and some time around two weeks ago I was busy creating when Sabrina interrupted me to let me know she really liked what I was doing. So I isolated the bit she liked and focused on it for a few days, building it outward from there and the piece gradually began to come together.

Last week a feeling started to grow that this should be for my mother. Knowing who it is for during the composition stage helps me tailor it for them and even try and catch some of their energy in it. My mother is a wonderful woman with an energy that is always positive, friendly, warm & drifty. Something like a calm tropical ocean.


There are a few little mistakes in there as I don't have editing software at the moment and it is incredibly difficult to play the whole thing through perfectly. Especially as I am currently on day seven of a fast and my energy levels are quite low. If you listen carefully you will hear our local church bell chime at exactly the right moment in the closing seconds of the track. A lovely little cherry on the cake from the Universe to forever remind me where I was when I recorded it!

And so, it is with great pleasure that I present to you now my first ever finished piano composition, Ocean Echo.

Love & Light everyone 🎹


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It's very beautiful! I see you mother outside twirling in the sun and laughing. Very joyful piece!!!

Am pleased you can feel it too. Twas a very joyful experience composing it and interesting to note that I wasn't able to finish it till my stomach was completely empty of food! Today is my 8th day fasting and I do believe heightened abilities start to kick in when we are in this state.

Impressive! Your mon must be proud of you

Thanks Vincent. I would say she is proud of me in relation to certain things while also being confused about me in relation to others. Drinking my own urine on a daily basis for example seems difficult for her to understand (despite my extensive study of this subject) and she would prefer I don't mention this to other members of our family ;)

Haha, I get it and can relate in certain ways.

Let's say that here I was mainly referring to your musical talents and the fact that you composed this for her :^)

Yeah, classical compositions fit the family tea time party conversations perfectly so she is no doubt feeling some pride now. Though I can tell you it was way harder not eating for a week while also drinking my golden elixir! (I started eating again today).

Buzzing my brain on an orange juice currently :)

Very good to listen to your creative talents Sam.

Thanks for appreciating buddy. Sabrina thinks I am creative because I went to fancy schools, but I don't believe it has anything to do with that. It's more about energy & focus. If we enjoy something and focus on it daily we cannot help but get good at it. And without the enjoyment part it doesn't work. Which is why I couldn't write music like this back when I was at school where they were forcing me to learn scales & pass my grades 1,2,3 etc.

I wonder what curriculum did you follow back then? Did you learn the Trivium or Quadrivium?

I have no recollection to be honest.

Didn't like my teacher at all and longed always for the moments when I could just do what I wanted ;)

Yeah, school was probably like prison for most kids. From your previous posts it seems you had a classical education.

Never looked into this terminology before (Trivium & Quadrivium were totally new to me!) but having looked now I would say it was a classical education.

Thanks for the new knowledge!

No problem. The main difference is that we now have the Prussian "mimicry" system in most schools except the elite ones. This trains people "what" to think instead of "how" to think. I digress, keep up the great posts.

I really enjoyed that! Well done!

Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Your feedback is a big factor in my motivation to create more of this kind of thing!

All the best to you :)

did you say you spent thirty years away from the piano..?
You must be an incredible player and even more, you played amazingly as if you've been with the instrument and have been rehearsing.. Nice composition 💞🎵🎶🎶💯

Thanks for the comment here!

Yes, it has been around 30 since I last had a piano in the house.

Some things never leave us, like riding a bike ;)

If you are viewing this post using the interface the soundcloud link I have posted at the top won't look right. Please start using the peakd interface which is better!

PeakD the best! :)

ps. starting my audio session now... going to hear your peace too!

PeakD rocks!

Hope you enjoyed :)

Great composition Sam

Thanks Lee!

Feels like old news now. So much more to tell you about my earth battery experiments...