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Fields of Legend](

Song Title: Fields of Legend (Official Track Record)
Preforming Artist: Sevenoh Fiveoh
Album: Ur 13th Full Moon
Episode One: A Lunar Eclipse
Recording Artist: Sevenoh Fiveoh
No Name Studios
No Name Collective
Record Label: Sevenoh Fiveoh
Album: Ur 13th Full Moon
Episode One: A Lunar Eclipse
Produced in 2020
Genre: Mountain Side*
#SevenohFiveoh #Noname #Mountainside

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Mountain side is a new genre of music that Sevenoh Fiveoh is labeling this music as.
Mountain side represents sitting under a full moon, on a mountain side producing new music being able to reflect on the clear melodies playing back through echoes.
Mountain Side Music can be relaxing like a creek, Adventurous such as the wild life that roam the mountain sides, uplifting causing a person to look forward to growth and prosperity in every new upcoming season, as each new season holds in itself, its own challenges and rewards.
Mountain Side Music is what you live by and what moves you around the "mountains" of life.
"Up and down we go, where the new music goes so shall life flow."



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