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Awesome! I like sitar saturday.
So I opened all the youtube links at once in order to give you likes and they all started playing at once.
Really trippy. Like a sitar confetti tickertape parade.

Lol I bet it sounded like an abomination with all of them playing at once.

Not at all! In fact, I had to keep it all going because the scrub jay outside my window was captivated by the sound. He was just sitting there entranced, his head cocked to the side.

Perhaps Ill try playing sitar in the forest for the blue jays around here.

They'll love it!

Cool, unique in appearance and of artistic value. It has very classic guitar diction.

Yeah I tend to play it like a guitar rather than in classical Indian style. Thanks for listening :-)

It has very interesting instruments and a pleasant sound ;))

Tuning it is a bit of a nightmare, but playing it is easy.

Yes it is interesting but creative ,yet the atmosphere with creativity succeeds ;))

You just really only play two off the strings the rest are open drone strings that vibrate automatically depending on which notes you fret on the main two strings.

It’s nice to perform and sounds interesting but hard to compose and that makes sense ;))