Alternative Weekend: Lush and Shoegazing

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How did I miss an entire genre? It was purely and utterly by chance after a discussion on the Rising Star discord channel about types of music that I happened to fire up YouTube and click on a song that clicked with me.


This doesn’t happen to me, I don’t hear a song ONCE and it clicks, so when it does I am always in shock.

I listened, then listened again, sent the song to @steevc who didn’t really like it and wondered, ‘why is it that one of us thinks a song is great and for someone else it does nothing’.

That how music is, subjective to a tee, and I am betting that few others like today's musical offerings.

...'Kurt also looked like a zombie during 'Smells like Teen Spirit' but he was definitely not a shoegazer'...

Shoegazing was born from the early '90s where the singer and players spent their time gazing at the floor to be sure they hit the correct pedals.

Looking like zombies seems to be another aspect of shoegazing but not exclusively, maybe it was a 90's thing? Many other artists fitted the genre, not just the one I will feature today.


Sweetness and Light - Lush (Gala -1990)

I am a big fan of that oddball band 'The Cocteau Twins' and this is possibly why I fell in love with the sound of 'Lush' right away.

It's hardly surprising to discover many of their albums were produced by one Robin Guthrie of that band and the influence is immediately recognizable.

Emma Anderson appears to be the creative force behind Lush, and some of their stuff is as way out as the twins material.


Out of Control - Lush (EP - 2016)

Following the suicide of the drummer in 1996, the band was devastated and split. They briefly reformed 20 years later for a short period and released a little new music that sounded straight from the nineties.

Making a video with ordinary looking people and not models is a little different. She looks Scottish to me, what do you think @meesterboom?

I’m not saying Scottish chicks are not great looking but she has that look.


Desire Lines - Lush (Split - 1994)

How the fuck did I miss this? The track which I will have to force myself to not play so much as I don’t want to get sick of hearing it.

The guitars are what draws me and Emma Anderson does a great job of sounding like Sunday's guitarist David Gavurin.

As I am a massive fan of this band, I heard the similarities right away, and as The Sundays' are never going to return latched on to that sound I love so much.

Now I am waiting for you all to say to me, ‘I can’t hear anything special’. That’s just me and my weird ears, I can’t help it.


Note the zombie-like looks in the final video. I think I’m falling in love with Miki Berenyi with her bright red hair.

If only she still looked like that now. I do have a thing for ladies of the orient. Listening to Lush takes me firmly back to the nineties, a time when life was less complicated.


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Ha, she does look a little Scottish. It's a particular look and she has it! The song is not too bad, not heavy enough for me but I like the guitar quite a bit. Slightly reminds me of some of the stuff my band used to play. The lighter stuff that is!

On the occasions I have been north of the border I noticed this look. Is it the highlands variety? I haven't been north of Skye but would like too.

It is like a northern kind of Highland look, the central belt is more gremliny :0D

I love shoegaze.

You know, it completely passed me by. In those days I was into mainstream, not all this weird stuff I like now. I remember the sounds, they were played in places like HMV by 'those weird people who worked there' hehe...

Cor! That last song is gorgeous!

I have a hard time listening to shoegaze, if I'm not in the right frame of mind then its usually ends up sounding a bit boring... but this is really well done (or perhaps I happen to be ready for it tonight, who knows).

Thanks for sharing, definitely warrants a closer look

Cor! That last song is gorgeous!

It is!.. it slammed me in the face right away, lovely and melancholy and that harder bit in the middle makes it even better. I thought I was listening to The Sundays when I first heard it. I have been going through their back catalogue but nothing comes close to this.

The Sundays?

Sounds like another band I need to go and check out.

oh dear... so much music to appreciate, so little time...!

Loved them in the 90's, they didn't want to be famous and disappeared forever in 1997.

Desire Lines was the track I liked the most, Of course I had to search by since youtube is country specific any more, but it was worth the search. I do like those long mournful tunes. She has a very nice unique voice.

Out of Control was also enjoyable for me.

Sweetness and Light was just a bit to repetitive on the music, her voice was at times overwhelmed by the music.

Over all though pretty sweet sounding lady, I do love those unique voices in singers, I don't think anyone could sound like Annie Lennox or Cindy Lauper, but there are a lot of Madonna sound alikes.


Desire Lines is a long song, just how I like them. Good to hear someone other than me can hear something in it!

I like the guitar work in "Sweetness and Light". I don't know what effects pedals they are using to get that sound, perhaps chorus and reverb...90s stoner music...
"Out of Control" is different, and yet, not so different from their older music. Perhaps it's that 20 years that make the difference.
With "Desire Lines", I spent half the time trying to figure out what the brand was on that 12 string guitar she was playing...

With "Desire Lines", I spent half the time trying to figure out what the brand was on that 12 string guitar she was playing...

LOL, did you figure it out?

No, not might be an Epiphone, but it's really hard to tell. :-)

I was a lush fan in the mid-late 90s. Emma was/is amazing.

She is.., the force behind them I reckon.. though they are recently discovered for me. I'm not sure how I missed them, but that's the story of my life.

There were so many ‘Britpop’ bands around then. Easy to miss them if you heard them on the radio. Now if you saw them (music video on TV) ... that’s another thing altogether. Visually they were quite different.

Take me back to the 90s. I wish that every day. Listening in the bath.

I know.., I wish I could take myself back there. In 1994 when that song was released I was living in America. The memories, the nostalgia, it hits you when you think about it.

What can I say? The ethereal vocals just don't push my buttons. Doesn't mean I'd turn it off if it came on the radio. There is always more music out there to experience and we can each find what works for us.

always more music out there to experience and we can each find what works for us.

I'm thinking of conjuring up something in the music community. Remember those we used to do 2 years ago, music from when you were at school, and challenge 3 more to do it?

They were good fun, and shorter content. It all seems so long now. I could do with a few new tunes to ingest.

Music themes are good as most people can have something to post.

I'll drum up something, take my @curie follows off for a bit, so I can give some good votes out to the good ones. I'm still waiting for the day when I can give out $2-$3 votes. 2 years ago and with this stake it would have been easy. One day.. maybe.

Great stuff. I am not sure I have ever heard of them. The band name sounds a little familiar, but then again I am just not sure. I am going to have to dig into them when I finish up my discover weekly playlist on Spotify.

I do love music, especially traditional one, and know I have given more attention on that one. But I don't know why, when I know something not good about the singer, my feeling to the music he/she sings will gradually fading away too.

How are you @slobberchops, nice to see you again. Much Love

Good to see you posting again. Hope you are doing OK.

Thank you for this music review. I do not speak English, but I am very curious and a lover of music and lyrics, a lover of words in all their forms. One of the songs you placed, I liked it very much: "Fuera de Control" I felt it without understanding it, it felt like freedom. I then looked for it with Spanish subtitles and I loved the romance and passion I found in it. Thank you for sharing it and expanding my musical horizons 😉

That would be 'Out of Control', glad you liked it.

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