Writing Music Challenge: The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always

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We don’t seem to have many music challenges these days. I mean the ones where you challenge other people to post.

Seeing this one by @galenkp this morning was the closest I have seen in a while.

Still, that was a ‘respond on my post’ and so here’s a challenge similar to the ones I used to see often on STEEM 2 years ago when many more people used to write and it seemed like more fun.




  • Tell me about an album you love and tell me about the standout album track on it.

  • Don’t tell me about any singles on your album. I want to hear about that hidden gem that is tucked away and not played on the radio.

  • Give me a story about the album, how you learned about it, and most importantly highlight that special album track

  • Challenge THREE more people to do the same. It’s good to write, especially about music. It’s a passion.

  • Make sure you add these rules to your post and feel free to use the format I use below.

  • Post your Music Challenge article in the MUSIC Community

  • If you want to write a post and have not been challenged, then do so.

  • Prefix your post 'Writing Music Challenge' so it's easy to spot.


The Album

- The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always (1985)


The Story

In 2008 I was working at Capgemini, a large out-sourcer in South Yorkshire. Also working there was a slightly overweight, long-haired bloke named Sid who liked to fart a lot in the office.

As it was open plan everyone got accustomed to hearing Sid’s loud farts which continued until one day the manager was accompanying some important guests around and Sid let a poorly timed one rip.

The result was a blanket email to everyone about ‘flatulence in the office’ and it not being allowed any longer which everyone laughed at and ignored.


Sid was also into his music and introduced me to ‘The Sisters of Mercy’, knowing I was a closet Goth and a fan of ‘The Mission’.

Listen to First and Last and Always and ignore the later stuff ‘said Sid, while trying to suppress yet another fart.

I didn’t listen to his advice, but he was quite right. I tried and failed to get into anything besides their debut album.


The Album Track

- The Sisters of Mercy - Some Kind of Stranger

The last song on any album has to make some kind of impression, just like the first. ‘Some Kind of Stranger’ is regarded as a Goth-ballad classic and is part of one of the finest Goth albums I have ever heard.

That ripping guitar caught my ear right away, which continues right through the song, and is more emphasized closer to the end of this almost 7-minute track.

...if you are a Goth then you had better wear black shades, it's the law'...

Someone has made a mock-up video that tells me that Goths do in-fact dance like zombies. It’s better than watching a static album cover.

I love this quote from Wikipedia:

'Andrew Eldritch didn't consider The Sisters of Mercy to be a gothic rock band and rejected this categorisation vehemently. He saw the band as a modern continuation of 1960s classic rock music'

I say..., 'It's that voice that places you firmly in the Goth category Andrew.'

I challenge three of the most musical people on HIVE to do the same, @steevc, @bozz, and @verhp11.

Post your song in the Music Community as this is one I view and curate often. I will be giving out big votes and @curie votes to anything good I see posted.


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If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, rehive, engage me or all of these things.


At that time, Capgemini in Rotherham was a regular call out for me, usually at 3am on a Sunday morning with a replacement something or other! Shit paying job though even with the call-out fee!

As for the music.......I'll get straight on it, it would be remiss of me to allow you and Steve to fill the chain with rubbish as usual without any recourse ;-)

Your and your mainstream music tastes, here's one to play while eating your pork and rice to keep you satisfied. 😃

Hahaha......You may scoff, but Terry Wogan was Morrisseys' inspiration for always carrying flowers on stage....possibly......but, this video actually proves @steevc 's comment as being false. There is no way that any right-minded being could consider this anything but 'rubbish'!!

I thought it may be close to your heart, with it's origins being in Brighouse. It reached number 2 in the UK charts, how did that happen?

Play it to the locals.., they may think Terry has talent.

Despite that it was a big seller. Would love to have seen a Morrisey/Wogan duet.

'Good' and 'rubbish' are relative when it comes to music. Luckily we get to choose what we listen to.

What a cool challenge. Made me write about music again. Actually, it all came together yesterday. The official release of an amazing album for an extraordinary project bringing written words to life through music. Thanks for the trigger to write about and around music again.

A new album? Rare is the moment I hear anything new that I like... even the new Steven Wilson material is not to my taste. Call me old school, and set in the past, but still open to listening to anything new.

I think it depends a bit on what genre you like. In the more popular genres, like pop-music, rock and the likes, I hardly hear anything good. But in many other genres, good music is produced still. Especially in the electronic music genres. Lot of shit stuff, but still, plenty of good stuff. I would even argue, in the classical side of music, cool compositions are created, mostly by the young generations.

Okay, so now I have two more things on my to do list. Thanks alot! I have to write a post and I have to check this group out. I still try to abide by Sid's recommendation.

Sid also got me into the Cure, not the poppy stuff.., but the wrist-slashing stuff they did earlier such as Pornography. I wonder what happened to him, I know he doesn't work at CapG anymore. Maybe he got sacked for farting too much?

Thanks for the challenge @slobberchops , you are very right, to little challenges on Hive. I will participate, just have to make a good choice in album... Got a lot on my shotlist :)

I knew you would!... awesome.. please use that music community so I don't miss yours.

 3 months ago 

Wonderful initiative. That's true, actually there are not this type of challenges!!!

There used to be a lot of this in my early days, I know.. as I used to participate. Hopefully this thing might spread and we can get some more music posts.. there's not much nowadays.

 3 months ago 

We're actually making an effort to boost the Music Community and this is a good way...! It would be great to count on you for making this community a real window for quality music in Hive, turn it into a space for all professional musicians, singers, DJs, producers, music businesses and music lovers and fans.

I'll do what I can.., I don't do as many music posts now as I have emptied my brain on here over the last 2 years of musical opinions and knowledge. No other reason!

I have emptied my brain on here over the last 2 years of musical opinions and knowledge

Thank fuck for that ;-) lol

I might have a few more in the deepest crevices of my head, you ain't getting off that easy!

Music-Community.jpgYou received a (still) small vote from the Music community on Hive.

Very soon we will bring good news to all the musicians on this platform. Follow us so you don't miss anything!

Eldritch needs to cheer up! Can't say it really does it for me. I used to go to a club in Germany called Crash where you would see punks, goths, rockabilly types and other assorted outsiders. Whenever Sisters of Mercy or The Mission came on the goths would flock to the dancefloor and sway back and forth. It was something to see. I like something with a bit more rhythm.

I'll see if I can come up with something. This challenge needs a tag.

This challenge needs a tag.

Does it.. This is why I mentioned to add the post to the Music community. Do people even look at tags?

the goths would flock to the dancefloor and sway back and forth.

Haha, I have never seen this, as it wasn't my thing then.


I reckon she sways from side to side like the chick in the video.

She's done a useful video.

I've not found a video to match my memories, but 'goths dancing' has a lot of results, many from the same few accounts.

LOL hilarious..., 'sway about while looking at the ground expressing your disdain for life'.., is she for real..., I love the music... the image makes me want to fall about laughing.

Well she certainly has the loop. My daughter had a phase of wearing just black and lots of mascara, but she was more into metal. There was a goth girl across the road ages ago. She really stood out in a small village. You have to be dedicated with that look.

There was a goth girl across the road ages ago.

After a few beers, I would have approached her and asked her about Wayne Hussey. If she doesn't know who that is, she's not a real goth.

I worked with a guy who was drummer in an early band with Wayne. Never got the full details of that.

You rock, that is a brilliant initiative - thanks for directing folks to our music-community

Thanks, let's hope a few go it and it goes viral!

Aw, I'd love this kinda shit in my Melomaniacs community.