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Hello everyone, I am here with another guitar cover but this time, I am soloing a popular song called Despacito by Luis Fonsi which is loved by many.


In making this video, I spent a total of 9 hours sitting down on a chair with my guitar all through the day trying to score the song and make a video. It was still after I finished scoring the song I had to go take my brush and have a bath then later came back to make a video which took another amount of time.

The reason for me spending so much time is because of my drive for quality and moreover, despacito is one of the toughest (hardest) songs to solo. It is not an easy peasy to make the full solo of the song.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my guitar Cover. I would definitely appreciate a reblog from you if you loved the video.


IMG_20210911_213620 (1).jpg](3)![IMG_20210915_072622.jpg

IMG_20210911_213620 (1).jpg




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You hit the nail on the head! < German proverb 😊 Congratulations, your post has been upvoted by @hive-117778

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Thank you very very much 🤗🤗🤗❤️☺️

Mehn, I enjoyed that last part the most. Your freestyling there was mahdd!!! 🙌🙌🔥🔥

And what were you doing looking at your system occasionally? Did you put expo there ni? 😹😹

Smiles, I am using it to know when the music ends and monitor my timing…

Oh, I see..

Another nice performance. Keep it up bro.

Thanks man...

Very commendable performance without words 🙂 👍

Smiles, funny thing is I made different videos speaking but I ended up deleting it because of mistakes. I got frustrated that I just stopped introducing myself in the beginning of every video.

Smiles, they must have rehearsed really hard. It sounds really beautiful hearing it from a wind instrument.

This was beautiful.

That is also my favorite music 😍 9 hours annoying but you managed well in the end how you improvise is great it is great fun to watch your video. 😀

Yeah exactly… it was annoying, at some point, I felt that I would never be able to make the video but I finally did 9 hours later. That was when I knew I had not brushed my teeth not to talk of eating.

This is Fire Mann 🔥🔥

Never had the idea that it takes this long to make a Solo Guitar cover 😯. Keep up the great job Man.

Thanks so much for the nice words.. I didn't Really know the song that well that's why I took that long

Oh! It's alright
You're welcome 😉

Haha I can't believe it , extraordinary , when I read Despacito I said " it can't be that it's my favorite music".
Despacito by Luis Fonsi.
I want to breathe your neck slowly
Let me say things in your ear
So you'll remember if you're not with me
Despacito... I just felt like dancing...I'm gonna save that link...fabulous.

Jaja no lo puedo creer , extraordinario , cuando leí Despacito dije " no puede ser que sea mi música favorita "
Despacito de Luis Fonsi.
Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo
Despacito... Es que me dieron ganas de bailar .. voy a guardar ese enlace...fabuloso.

Yeah, despacito is loved by many thats more of the reason why I played the song. I am glad you loved it.

I not only liked it but loved it...a niece plays it on the violin and it sounds good too...keep it up playing Latin music. Now I would like to hear Jerusalema someday

Jerusalema is a latin song?

No, Jerusalema is written in the Venda language, spoken in South Africa. It is a song that is very is very moving and rhythmic like despacito.

Jerusalema by Master KG??

I love what you do, and you chose one of my favorites, I really enjoyed that song when it came out, very much listened to all over the world.

Smiles, thank you very much. Yeah the song is very much listened to all over the world.

WOW - 9 hours!!!!
It really does take so much time to make videos, doesn't it??? hehehehehe I know!!!!

Some days take longer than others - but you did a wonderful job here!!!! its' great! I was dancing on my chair as i was listening to it hehehe

you were really intense playing it heheheheh I could tell it was difficult because you weren't smiling at the camera as much as you did last time hehehe but you STILL did look at the camera and light up the whole screen with that smile!!! :)

great job!!!!

Smiles, I was trying not to make mistake. This song is not easy to play compared to the last song I played.

I made different recordings, maybe 30 times at least. At some point it gets frustrating, making a video then deleting it to start over again.

hahahaha i know the feeling!!!

when I sing - it takes almost the WHOLE DAY to perfect it. especially when I add in my own layers of harmonies. the singing is not hard. the editing and the images and the layering and the filmography hahahaha THAT is hard LOLOL sooooooo time consuming! but so fun!!!

Smiles. I know right. For this, I bought a ring light and video stand to help me hold my phone while I video and I do not do any editing as much. I don't know much about video editing. I just edit my thumbnail picture with 3speak logo and name of the song I played.

hehehehe well you do it just fine! and little by little, you just can try one more thing, one more thing.... that's how we all grow -right?

just by trying new things out! no pressure - just discovery :)

you did awesome!

hehehe i wish that we could have seen your fingers more though!!! because at some parts WOW you were really into it hahahahaha i would have loved to see your fingers flying across the strings!!!!

I went to play towards the octave part of the guitar, so my hands did not show. Don't worry, I have another video to make planned for next week.

hehehe i will be waiting :)

9 hours?!!! 😳 That's a really long time and guess what! It was worth the time... This is so good, except my network isn't letting me enjoy the flow.

Despacito is a very popular song and I like the dynamics in it too. You did really well on the song, kudos 😊

I guess I'm among those who love the video 😃

Smiles.. I am happy you enjoyed my cover. This means my 9 hours of rehearsing was not a waste. It is a popular song, that is why I made the cover. Thank you so much for reblogging…

This is great Emmanuel, your performance is incredible ❤️. We heard it on speakerphone and my mom loved it. Now we await the version in which you sing 😅.

Smiles... you are whining me 😅😂.. I don't know how to sing 😅😂

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Yay! 🤗
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Thank you very much @visionaer3003 and @ecency. I really appreciate you ☺️🤗

Wow! Can’t believe I watched this till the end, you were amazing. I would love to see your hands more though, to get the complete excitement when watching. It was mostly blurred out during the whole video.

Smiles… thank you very much… I am glad you watched it. I really appreciate your comments.

Don’t worry you would get to see my hands in the next video.. Just stay tuned


I have to watch this video all over again, you nailed it bro..

You play with such precision!

This was really great. Thoroughly enjoyed your rendition of this @starstrings01. Looking forward to the next drop. The hours may have been long but it was worth it. You certainly can play Latin. I !LUV it when I see someone clearly passionate about what they do, enjoying it and sharing their joy with others. !PIZZA

Thank you very much… Yeah I see it as No pain, No gain…






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Dude. What software do you use for the background music?

Nice one brother 🙌

Very detailed.

You can also practice and be using some melodic minor licks and chords to add more Jazzy touches to your music.

Abeg come give me tutorial… I no sabi weytin you talk…

Although! I'm still learning them,
Applications of Scales like Half diminished and altered scale all working with minor chords.

They create tension and resolving in minor chord changes.

Try check this video i posted some days ago, it's a basic example of what i'm saying

Great cover! That new equipment is sounding really good. Recording directly makes a huge difference.

Thank you very much @singhcapital 🥺🙏❤️

You finish work here. I love the performance 😍, great work keep it up.