Melodic Soulful Original Guitar Solo - This Is For You - Sunday Sessions

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Happy Sunday everyone!:)

This video was made as a thank you for myself hitting a certain milestone on YouTube - 300 Subscribers! I know that some of you are subbed to my channel, and for that I say a massive THANK YOU! :)

Of course, hive is a major musical focus for me, but to really try and grow as a musician and be exposed to the largest audiences, I try to post over a few platforms. These are; Hive, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. I tried out some others over time, but those 4 seem to be the best. Mostly hive though!

I know I have titled this video '300 SUB SHRED' and I am not neccesarily 'shredding' but still, I'm having fun! Even more so that my arm has healed and I can play guitar again! So not only does this video represent a milestone of subscribers, it is also a celebration of health! :)

I hope you enjoy my playing, it is always from the heart!:)

My channel:

I thought I would link my YouTube here too, and I don't like to ask people to subscribe, however, if you want to then that would be awesome! I also support other artists as much as possible. So I guess I will ask - do you have a YouTube that you post to and would like some support? Link me below! :)

Peace and love to you all! :)

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Greetings Brother! How are you? I see that your hand is already excellent! I am really glad.
Brother, it's wonderful to hear you again with your great guitar solos!
How nice that you promote your musical works in so many places, well done.
Thanks for the awesome music Bro! I loved it. 😃🙏👌🎼🎶🎵🤩🙌✨👊👊😎🎆🎊👏👏

Hey brother! Ah thank you so much man, yes my hand is finally better!:) I still have to be careful and not play for too long, but thankfully it is almost healed! That was a scary time as I though it might have been bad for a long time, but I'm grateful for the recovery! :)
Thanks for the support brother, I'm happy you enjoyed!:)

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Awesome! Thank you so much this is great! :)