Dance 80ies Special - US No. 1 Dance Club Tracks (incl. sth to win)

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Dance Weekend goes back in Time

Hiya chaps - thinking of my youth here comes a small selection of some no. 1 Dance Chartbreakers from the years 1980-1986 - pretty sure party music at least the older ones love. I honestly surprised a bit what reached the no. 1 spot of the US Dance single charts (including some German songs during the breakdance high times....)

What is Your Favourite....?

We might get a bit more engagement to create a virtual dance floor? Enjoy them and feel free to comment with other dance tracks you love. Comment your favourites please too!

Dance to the likes of Madonna, Freeez, Diana Ross and more....

Hidden Contest - You might win 1 Hive

If folks read until here you might win sth - I own at least one of the tracks as single or vinyl - the one with the right guess will win One Hive.

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o yeah

mary jane girls was rick james' girl group.

supposedly he told prince he wanted a girl group and prince formed vanity6 in response.

mike judge had a cool show on cinemax or showtime called "tales from the tour bus" where they animated old funk heroes wild stories...the othrer season they did old country freaks. VERY iteresting/ entertaining show

You might be right on the rick james thing to inspire Prince for Vanity6 :-). Mary Jane Girls - I admit I bought that one because of the album cover :-)

do you know this version? ?

Nope, never heard, sounds "interesting"

haha yeah its sonic youth from the ciccone youth album, they do another madonna and robert palmer song on it, but mostly weirdo stuff

i have all the records you posted except maybe the sheila e....they sure dont make music like they used to!

Danke für diese geile Reise in meine Jugend :-)

Shannon - Let the Music Play, a minor hit here.. but loved it at the time.

Yes, classic of my young days - was follow me during the breakdance times

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