A full album of Amazing Piano Covers of Magnificent songs now on Spotify

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Okay I have this friend who does amazing piano covers of let´s call them alternative songs- And I have been shilling him for ages....but now he has his first full album on Spotify.

So tonight I am going back to the roots of my Midnight Gems series.

Tonight is a tribute to the inspiration of these series. A tribute to a guy I respect very much and hope to meet one day in person. I do not think it´s the other way around, as I would get drunk on south American Dark Ruhm and he would be playing the piano all night in a shady bar somewhere in Columbia.

Cheers, my friend, this one is to your first full album on Spotify:

Of course, I am not making it so easy that I will just copy every song here in the article. You should go there yourself and check him out.

I will just play 4 amazing tunes, starting with the original, followed by the cover and the link to the song on Spotify.

It´s so perfect that I can kick off tonight's trip with the band that introduced me to Hänsel, different song but I have been a fan ever since.

Were I often compliment Hänsel on making a song sound darkish, in this case, it´s the other way around....but I guess the original could hardly get darker.

1 & 2 Joy Division - Disorder

3 & 4 Depeche Mode - Precious

Now this next song is proving I am truly getting old..... It´s my gemsation of this trip, what a jewel at a quarter past three .....zipping on whiskey.... adding Molly Nilsson to my to-do playlist.

It got worse as I also never heard the brilliant cover by John Maus.....which took me beyond the stars --- tripping the night away on an ethereal scale.

Can Hänsel keep up with these two brilliant musical star gazers..... It´s like slowly coming down from an incredible high, landing is soft pillows listening to this piano version, and hearing the other two songs echoing in the back of my mind. The only bad thing is the song ending....I never wanted it to end.

5, 6 &7 Molly Nilsson - John Maus - Hey Moon!

But every trip has an end and sometimes it´s hard to fall asleep after such an amazing journey...and other times you can´t wait to dream once more and you just need to sleep. And if the Eels keep you awake, the piano version of the song will definitely put you down.....eyelids getting heavy....my mind getting foggy....have a great one dear reader.

8 & 9 Eels - I need some sleep

@Hänsel it has been a pleasure, as always. Sorry that it took me so long to write this.

YouTube Full Playlist

Now you can find the playlists I create also created on youtube



Thanks my friend for sharing my album! I really appreciate your support as always and I hope we can meet soon! You’re welcome here in Colombia.

Thanks unfortunately my post didn´t generate that many views this time, guess I got lucky the previous times. But always happy to support you. I will definitely try to drop by one day-

Always nice to see community members promoting the music of other community members :)
Good choice here ;)