Absolutely beautiful! Wow! Such beautiful scenery and what a lovely voice!

Merry Christmas! The ratties were pretty easy to find this time. I think that was your Christmas gift to rest my tired old eyes trying to find them.

Omg, this is amazing, the wonderful video and singing, congratulations, your hens are cute. Best regards.

That was pretty! We actually got one this year!

Snow Queen, Merry Christmas...Love your voice, beautiful like always...

Thank you. You are a darling. Hope 2023 brings us both better things and healing. Brightest blessings to you and Gigi. For me the year ending means to reset our goals and try to renew I would determination for things to get better so I wish you that strength, health and prosperity in your life.

Thank you for the warm wish dear sis...

Thank you and happy new year, fairy princess


Hey Meno... I saw you on YouTube today.
Happy holidays

Beautiful ❄️🌨☃️
Merry Christmas 🎄

Cheers with good coffee for you. Sorry about the Miss hop on your treat I just wanted to say that Father Christmas is a figure that has usually worn a green robe and it's based on a Christian figure and usually wears green because of evergreen mistletoe fear and all the plants that endure winter and regrow in spring. So green santas for you , wink

Hahaha. Yeah I got that thanks. Also, Green Santa was probably asleep through Christmas sadly. Looking better today though 😂

But the thing is, according to folklore, the green is a promise of growth after winter. So you just need to be patient. Father Christmas wears green in holly, mistletoe, fir branches etc. And these represents hope, that we must endure winter but things always grow again.

Merry Christmas

Same to you and yours

Beautifully sung ☺️

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day😄

Thank you I wasn't feeling at my best on Christmas Eve and today it has been a very quiet day just to chill movie and a heartwarming meal, but enjoyable in its simplicity

You're so very welcome. Relax and destress if needed!

Spending today with the hens quietly outdoors just sitting and writing and browsing hive and socials I'm writing down the goals for next year on paper. It's being a rocky end of the year but working on better habits (sleep schedule etc)

As long as you keep your mind to it you’ll achieve what you want!

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